Ummm Am I Missing Something

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Cad0587 - March 8

Or are babieis r' us baby clothes just really expensive? like look at this: Is it just me or is that a onesie that's $26.99? I'm confused haha. I went online to check the prices of clothes at babies r' us because I'm trying to decide whether it's worth using my husbands 10% discount (he works for toys r' us and isn't that a sucky discount?) or if I should just go to like Wal-Mart and Target and ummm... I'm starting to think I should just go to Wal-Mart and Target haha


Cad0587 - March 8

oh my lord... I keep scrolling down and there are seriously just like little bodysuits for like $29.99 what the hell? who would buy a onesie for that much when the baby is just going to grow out of it so fast. I'm so confused haha I keep looking at it and reading the descriptions seeing if it's encrusted with diamonds or something.


suze42 - March 8

Kohls, Sears, JC penny, they all carry Carters and usually lots of sales and deals. Last time I was at Penneys they had an incredible selection of Carters 3 for 21.00...not to mention the sale racks. Im sure BBrUS tries to take advantage of the fact that people come in there to buy big ticket items and may impulse shop.


suze42 - March 8

And I love Walmart for good ole everyday knock around cant beat the price and they actually wash and wear pretty well.


Shannon - March 9

wieeeeeeeeeerd.... must becuase they're embroidered in cutesy sayings. i don't shop at babies r us online, i go to the store and they're not that bad at all. WAY cheaper than babygap, most of the old navy baby stuff, and gymborgee or whatever.


Amanda19 - March 9

lol I thought the same thing.. Besides maybe an outfit or two from babiesrus I've decided to get the rest of the clothes from Walmart.. I wouldn't even feel right registering for clothes that expensive, they are just going to be spit up on and grown out of in no time. Not worth it.


lily10 - March 9

someone else already mentioned Sears, JCPenny, and Kohls have great deals on baby clothes. They ushually always have some sort of sale on decent quality brands like Carters. I have to say that I have found some really good deals at Babies R Us, but that is at the store and not online. I have to say I was not that impressed with wal*mart but target did have some really cute baby clothes.


Tracy88 - March 9

I've always been a Target fan.


mommybabyboy21 - March 9

yes babyrus is only good for big items...and even then not always...I like burlington coat factory or only for when the baby is little and growing fast...the quality of walmart isn't that great but I figure my baby is probably only going to wear it once or maybe twice and then grow out of it. So unless someone else buys it for baby isn't getting gap because that stuff is expensive. And it is true that babyrus store clothes are cheaper when I went to register my mom went with me and bought 10 outfits and a blanket and only spent like $70 she bought all the outfits off the sale rack claiming that they wont be here when people come to get gifts. :)


Cad0587 - March 9

I don't mind Old Navy Baby prices but I think I'm going to stick with Wal-Mart and Target haha


Maggie - March 9

Word of advice from a Mom of 2 (soon to be three!) It is a royal waste of money to buy baby clothes at babies r us. Shop Target, k-mart, wal-mart etc. Your baby will grow out of their clothes so quick, not to mention all the stains they will get. I'm also the queen of demoting clothes. Once my lids grew out of their onesies, the onesie became a burp cloth/bib. I would just snap one snap around their necks, and their whole torso would be protected. My kids do have some expensive name brand stuff, and these items I save until I need them again, or someone else does. I have probably given away 10 coats, 20 pairs of shoes, and countless pairs of jeans. I also love thrift shops because sometimes they have some real finds. I also know how to sew, and I've made my dd a few dresses from items I've found in thrift shops. I actually just made her a pinafore from a beautiful 1940's crib blanket that I found at a thrift shop for only $7.00. I plan on making it her easter dress.



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