Ummmmm Sex Position Question

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squished - May 12

Ok, nobody laugh....but, I was wondering if anyone else is nervous about having s_x doggie style? For some reason it scares me b/c I think that "something" will go in to far and cause problems. I know, it's stupid and I feel like an idiot b/c I should know better, but it still makes me nervous :)


SuzieQ - May 12

I've read that position is a good one to use during pregnancy as long as he doesn't penetrate too deeply and bump your cervix (which is painful btw). Also try being on top, and side by side. I'm 19wks and we're like acrobats trying to find comfy positions :) lol


emilymalm - May 12

Yeah, doggie style seems to be okay. During the 1st trimester, it wasn't that comfortable but seems to be okay now. The cervix is sealed off with a mucous plug so nothing can get in there. I'm almost 18 weeks and can relate to you, SuzieQ as we're starting to get inventive. Just think what it will be like in another month!


Ddvinson3 - May 15

Well hey at least you guys are having s_x. I had problems with my placenta so we just got the ok to have s_x last week. We haven't had s_x since like Feb. I'm terrified to and scared it's going to hurt something. But to answer your question "squished" the doc said every position is fine. It's just finding one that is comfortable to you. But hey at least you are having s_x I'm to scared! LOL


amyn - May 15

and at least you want it... =) Gosh my libdo has gone out the window. My hubby was gone for 100+ days so we hadn't had s_x since the end of Jan and we just had it for the first time about 2 weeks ago and I wasn't into it at all. By the way we did it with me on top and that worked fine, you have control then on how deep he goes.. Good luck Ddvinson3, I don't think it will hurt, it just will be uncomfortable at first and you'll be a tad sore afterwards..


dee23 - May 15

im 30 wks, the problem i have is it hurting my hips and my legs always feel like jelly afterwards because of how awkward it is and trying to hold myself in a post_tion with my legs. just wait ladies....theres no way in hell i would be able to use some of the positions we used 10 weeks ago. but what the hey..its loads of fun trying anyway :)


Kara H. - May 17

Ok, this is a hard position to describe, but it works well. Lay on your right side with your legs like open scissors with your top leg out in front. Have your partner on his knees straddling your lower leg. My hubby usually grabs onto my top hip to give him more contol. I can adjust my comfort by rotating more to my side or more to my back, and my hubby has all of his weight on his knees. Plus my belly is out of the way and my b___bs look huge while laying on my side. Good luck.



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