Un Sucsessful Ultrasound

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Katie - April 13

I went for an ultrasound yesterday and the baby was is a really bad position lol and was being very stubborn so I didn't get to find out the s_x and I have to go back on the 28th so they can take 3 pictures they couldn't get! I had to do laps and stuff to try to get the baby to move and they finally baby did but then moved back into a worse position very quickly! argh! I have a very stubborn baby lol but I did see the heart beating and stuff and the spine and arms and legs.. I don't think baby liked being photographed because I kept getting kicked haha! oh well as long as baby is healthy I'm happy and I'll probably know on the 28th. Did anyone else have this problem?


MEL - April 13

hey ya i also had the same problem. the baby was in a bad postion. I went back 2 weeks latter and they got all the pic only here in pictou county they will not tell you the s_x.


Katie - April 13

really? why is that? seems wrong to me, it should be the parents choice no one elses!


jess - April 13

katie...because i guess some religions and/or people will abort if its nnoty the s_x they were wanting......gross eh?????? i also heard that the babys wil sometimes move away from the u/s as it can be irritating to them.......


KellyB - April 13

I had jelly beans before mine! To get her going and moving. The tech could only make a guess it was girl and like you I am going back in to confirm because of the way she was laying. Hopefully she has moved!


tara - April 13

My baby was sleeping when I went in for my 20 week u/s; but where I live they don't tell you the s_x of the baby until the 24th week and we usually with anormal pregnancy you get only 1 u/s at 20 weeks. I didn't want to know the s_x but my husband did - so I lucked, but I would have loved to get some front profile pictures of my baby...oh well.


tara - April 13

i meant to say my baby was sleeping with his/her back towards me - that's why we couldn't get any front profiles.



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