Unable To Sweat

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Taffy - May 16

Hi Girls, I guess everyone is feeling warmer than usual due to the hormones. My problem is that I keep feeling ill from the heat (California going into the summer) as I don't seem to be capable of sweating to cool down. Has anyone else found this? All I read in books is that women sweat more during pregnancy and that that's normal. I know its gross but I would love to be able to sweat! I am worried though as I have miscarried before and that was during a heatwave when I couldn't sweat. Does anyone have any advice?


Ddvinson3 - May 16

Sorry no advise but I would just talk to your dr. Sorry! Good luck!


amyn - May 16

Taffy- I don't have any medical advice, but personally I would go to the doctor but in the mean time start drinking lots and lots of water, to stay hydrated.


divinelibra - May 17

lol. i wish i didn't sweat! i can go outside for like 2 minutes and my shirt will be WET! and this was BEFORE i got pregnant, it's 10 times worse now, esspecially since i live in south TX! its SO nasty. my mom tried to convince me to go and get those shots in my arm pits to make it stop. but i don't wanna pump poison in my body. my mom is like you though. she don't sweat at all! but yea, you might wanna see a doctor about that. there could be "under lying" problem.


HannahBaby - May 17

you can use it while you are pregnant but after i had my daughter my hormones were crazy and i was sweating buckets so my dr prescribed me a deodorant type thing that stops the sweating. You use it like every other day, its burn a little but not too bad. check it out after your deliver DivineLibra


divinelibra - May 17

thanx hannah, i havent heard of that. i'll add that to the list of things to talk with that doc about.


KellyO - May 18

Taffy, I know how you feel. During my first trimester, tomorrow I will be 18 wks. I seemed to get more nausea when I got hotter and I never even broke a sweat. Don't always go by what you read. They also say your hair grows faster when your preggo, however, I used to have to shave my legs every other day, now I can two weeks and it feels like only 1 day before. I also work out for 1 hour everyday and I don't break a sweat anymore. I know how you feel in the heat, I live in Florida!


Taffy - May 25

Thx for your replies. I spoke with the Dr this morning and it seems that I'm dehydrated and my electrolites are out of wack! The only thing to watch for is that I don't over heat. Its nice to know that I'm not alone Kelly. Were you dehydrated as well?



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