Uncomfortable Bladder Pressure

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Lala - August 6

Are any of you having this? I am 15 weeks, and for the last several days I have been feeling uncomfortable (sometimes I'd say painful) pressure on my bladder even when it is empty. Also, my urinary frequency has gotten worse than before. I had a urine culture at my last OB visit which seems to be negative. I think I'll call tomarrow and ask for another one. Do you think this sounds like normal pregnant-uterus pressure on the bladder? Last night it kept waking me up hurting. I'm mostly worried about the pressure down there being a bad sign, like an imcompetant cervix or something. I'll call the nurse tomarrow. I was just wondering if this feels like anything normal that you girls have experienced. Thanks for your insight!


mandee25 - August 7

I am 25 weeks now and I find that sometimes the urgency to pee just suprises me out of the blue like the baby is stepping on my bladder or something. It's not painful but uncomfortable and I hear the frequency to have to pee just gets worse and worse as time goes on.


Bailey2786 - August 7

Mine is painful when I have to go to the restroom... I am actully finding that I dont need to go to the restroom as much as I used too.. ( I am not 13 1/2 weeks) But I know exactly what the pain you are talking feels like! I am going to my OB tomorrow so I will ask and keep you posted!


mosley12 - August 7

mandee, i know what you mean. somes times i'll just be sitting there or walking and i feel like i have to go really really bad, and i get there, and hardly anything comes out..lol. its crazy! and sometimes he kicks me right in my bladder. now that is uncomfortable. im 26 weeks


venus_in_scorpio - August 7

hey ladies, im 25 weeks and the only way i know i have to go is when i get a cramp... its annoying and painful and ive had a few urine cultures and nothing. i think its just normal pressure... never hurts to check though


Lala - August 9

Thanks ladies for the advise. seems like we can all relate. But I have an UPDATE: I woke up the next morning early to my bladder feeling uncomfortable, but what was different was my left kidney area had a small ache. I though 'oh no I waited too long, and now I have a kindey infection. I better get into the doc's office as soon as they open.' I couldn't get back to sleep, and within half an hour the pain was much worse. About 20 min later, I was vomiting. I woke my husband up to take me to the ER since I felt there was no way I could bare that bad pain for another 2 hours, not to mention being pregnant you have to think about the baby. By the time we got there it was even worse (as it continued getting worse all the time.) The doc agreed with me that is was probably pyelonephritis until the urine came back not looking infected, and my blood work looked fine. Also, no fever, and the pain seems too bad for an infection. They admitted me, and had a urologist consult on me. He suspected kidney stone. Since I was pregnant, they couldn't do a CT scan to check for stones. Instead he wanted to do a scope into the kidney to see. They all wanted to put me to sleep, and said that it would be okay for the baby. I just didn't feel like it would be okay for the baby, so I asked for a spinal instead. Actually, to my releif the spinal hardly hurt. I'm so glad they agreed to do that! He did find the stone and "blasted" it apart. Once the spinal wore off, and I could pee on my own, they sent me home in the evening. Everything was fine all night, and until I got up in the morning. Then suddenly the pain started again. And by the time I got to the ER it got even worse than the first time. OUCH!! All they did was give me some more IV pain meds, and sent me home with a stronger perscription once I felt better. Today I feel okay. What an ordeal! I hate to take all those meds; I'm not one who even wants to take a tylenol now that I'm pregnant. But believe me, I've never felt pain like that before!


Bluespace86 - August 9

I'm glad they were able to get rid of that stone for ya! Hope you feel better!


Lala - August 10

Thanks, I am so glad that it seems to be over. I haven't taken any of the meds this morning yet. Yesterday, I threw up again out of the blue. Yuck! And to think I had zero morning sickness,and now this. Oh well, I just hope it's over! take care everyone!


mandee25 - August 13

Lala, you poor woman! To be pregnant and then have to deal with KIDNEY STONES!!! I haven't had them or anything but from what I hear they can be terribly painful. I hope you feel better. I know what you mean about not wanting to take tylenol while pregnant. Thankfully so far I haven't had to. No headaches or anything yet. Knock on wood!


Lala - August 13

Thanks, Manee. It was pretty miserable. Probably the most pain I've ever felt. I have to admit it had me worried about how I'll do in labor. I think everything will be okay in the end, though. I think worring about the baby while I was sick just made it that much worse.



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