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TCM - June 28

Hi. Have heard recently that I shouldn't wear underwire bras from the beginning of pregnancy (too late - I am 15 weeks) ... will ask my Dr when I see him, but wondering what everyone else is doing.


Jessica F. - June 28

I don't wear them now. I don't remember why they say not to but They were starting to pinch my b___bs so I go for the ones without the underwire


Jessie V - June 28

My Dr. never told me I had to change bras. I only wear underwire.


MrsShabby - June 28

I ditto Jessie V. . in fact, the maternity store was selling nursing bras with underwires! I'll ask my doc when I see her Thursday.


TCM - June 28

Good news so far ...


Jbear - June 29

I've never heard that before. I always wear underwire...if not they'd probably sag to my waist.


~KMK~ - June 29

alot of people say dont wear an underwire bra because it can become uncomfortable, but there is no medical reason not to. you shouldnt sleep in an under wire bra because the wires will poke you and become super hurtful and will only make your sleep worse. if you wear a bra durning the day keep it to what ever you feel comfortable with.


Kate - June 29

I think the reason is to do with the milk ducts that go under and around the b___st, the underwire can squash them and have some effect on the milk production (I haven't fully researched it, I'm still wearing my underwired ones at the moment at 17 weeks!).


Miss T - June 29

i wear them because i have to, i can't stand a bra, it makes me uncomfortable and makes my b___bs to itch.


Belle - June 29

I wore only underwires before becoming preggo, but I can't stand them anymore!!!


SAR - June 30

i went into the lingerie section of a department store (in australia) to buy a normal underwire bra. while i was there i saw they were selling those belly belts so i went to buy one of those also. well.... the commotion from the old chooks who are trained lingerie fitters when they saw the combination of my purchases. they told me that underwire, right from the first day you find out you're pregnant, is a big no-no. the underwire around the side of the b___st can restrict the development of milk ducts and can lead to blocked ducts and infection. i don't think they were just saying this to get me to buy non-underwire bras as they happily sent me off to the compet_tion when i saw a style in a catalogue that i liked but they didn't have in stock. so i have been in maternity bras without underwire since about week 7. but then i was quite large (a 10D) to begin with.


I think so - June 30

I've never heard not to wear them. Im 24 weeks and do, but it is beginning to get uncomfortable. It feels like the wire compresses my ribs.-K


Jbear - June 30

You can get a band extender in the sewing department at walmart, if your bra starts to feel snug in the band. It's a strip of elastic with hooks on it. It won't help if your bra gets too tight in the cups, but it's good for that wire in the ribs feeling.


Jodie - June 30

I work for a large department store and went and asked the ladies or "old chooks" in the lingerie department when to buy maternity bras, i was told not to buy maternity bras until i was nearly at the end of my pregnancy but if i needed new bras not to buy anything with an underwire


TCM - June 30

Hi SAR - maybe it is an Australian thing - I am also in Australia. Only a couple of web sites mention it - not all of the pregnancy sites. Just heard about this when I mentioned to a friend that I had bought some nice new bras (from BNT) for before I have to wear maternity ones (though I am growing out of the new ones pretty quickly too).


SAR - July 1

hi jodie & TCM - maybe it IS an aussie thing. likewise, i could not find anything on websites and my doctor didn't say anything about it either. but the ladies at DJs were adamant, as were the fitters at BNT when i tried there for different styles. i went straight into maternity bras because it was almost impossible to find a "normal" non-underwire bra in a 10D, let alone a nice one. the old chooks said just to go straight for maternity bras, as long as there was enough room in the strap to let out as i get bigger around the rib cage. the ladies at BNT did alterations for me and sewed in extra panels/hooks in the back strap so i had enough room to let them out. so far the bras are doing ok - no huge change to cup size and i just let out another hook as each month pases and i get bigger around the back. three cheers for the old chooks though.... i remember my mum taking me to myers to be fitted for my first bra many many years ago. and i will take my daughter to them to get fitted for her first bra too :o)


Jodie - July 1

lol, SAR how funny that you were fitted at myer for your first bra, i was too, although it was gb back then, now i work at myer although not the one where i got my first bra



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