Unhappy About The Baby S Sex

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anon - February 3

Did anyone feel unhappy about the pregnancy after knowing the s_x of the baby? We found out yesterday that I am having a second girl and I am so disappointed. Just don't feel the same way about this pregnancy any more, I feel so unattached. I have been crying since yesterday. My husband is so excited, the s_x of the baby does'nt make any difference to him. The problem is my symptoms were so different than the last time around .........I was kind of sure I was having a boy. Now I keep thinking if the sonographer made a mistake. I hope I get out of this phase soon


Jenn - February 3

I hope so too. I thought that I was having a girl for sure this time bc my pregnancy with my son was soo different than this one. But, we found out that is another boy. I was surprised, but I am not unhappy. My husband has 6 uncles and great uncles, etc. the list goes one, there are only two girls born to one of his uncles so his whole family says good luck with trying for one. I really wanted a girl at first, but now I really could care less. I hope you don't feel bad for to long, a baby is such a blessing no matter what the s_x. I have heard from many of my friends that boys are hard to have, I think I am the only one with a boy and now 2 boys. Well, good luck to you!!


babyluv - February 3

I have two little girls and I am pregnant with my 3rd baby. We don't know the s_x yet, but I must say that my two daughters have the best time together. I wish that I would have had a sister after seeing my girls together. Good luck and you will love this new little girl of yours.


Jennifer - February 3

Aww never worry about the s_x... once you old that little baby in your arms.. you ll forget /regret you ever thought like that.. no worries.. its all worth it.... kee ypu head up and be proud that you can evenconcieve.. think about the people that cant.. stop crying now.. ok.. its going to be fine.. i am on my forth have a girl. boy.. boy.. if i have a girl ill be thrilled ..if i have a boy i will be blessed...... doesnt matter as long as there no health concerns........:) theyre all beautiful..


iakram - February 3

Hi Anon, I agree with Jennfier. I would be happy with either a boy or girl they are God's little gift to us. I know you would have liked to have had a boy but i hate to have to resort to this, but you should be greatful that are having a baby! a healthly baby! I hope you feel better and see that it's a blessing ! All the best Anon


Deb - February 3

Every pregnancy is different and it isn't affected by the s_x of the baby. My mom had three girls and she felt differently each time. I'm sorry you feel this way, but you have got to get a grip. You are having a little miracle coming into your life, does it really make a difference whether it is a boy or a girl?


Laura - February 3

To Anon, I have three boys. I am expecting again. I do not know what I am having yet. When we found out the third was a boy I was upset, frustrated! My DH has 5 brothers and no sisters. I understand how you feel!!! We need to accept God's plan. I hope you find peace in time.


To Anon - February 3

I know how you are thinking and how you feel. I have 2 yaer old twin boys and a 4 year old son and am expecting again. I DID NOT want another boy. I would have been so upset. I didnt even want to know at the ultrasound untill the end so I could enjoy it. Well I told my husband this time that he better not have been gready and gave me another boy o else he would never get any from me again. Well I had my ultrasound 2 weeks ago and Thank God its a girl. But if it was another boy. I would not be happy and I would make sure no body else wa either. So I understand you completly, But this is only your second. Are not planning to have anymore later


K - February 3

I agree too. Anon and "To Anon" are selfish. I know girls that have been trying for a baby for over 4 years and would do anything to hold their baby in their arms. I understand wanting both s_xes, but to be upset!! Those poor little ones....


Thanks ladies.. - February 3

I agree.I feel I am blessed no matter what s_x this little one is.


TL - February 3

My best friend just found out she can't have children. She is 35 and is newly married and is heartbroken. Be thankful you are able and have been blessed.


anon - February 3

Thanks for all your replies. Some were very understanding and thats what I was looking for.....I am sure every one of u has felt disappointment at sometime or the other in your life and know that it hurts for a while and then you get over it. No we are not planning to have any more kids after this coz we feel can give a good life to 2 kids only ....also if I was meant to have a son then I would have got it.....I guess it just wasn't meant to be.


Leanne - February 3

There's nothing wrong with being disappointed, that's understandable but to cry over it and say you feel unattached??!! I don't mean to sound rude but get over it!! You're having a healthy baby...you're so lucky!! I've been through 2 devastating miscarriages and am currently 25 weeks pregnant. My girlfriend and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years now with no luck and I just thank god that I can even get pregnant. Just consider yourself lucky. I hope you get over this phase...soon.


Leanne - February 4

No one's saying you're a bad person for being disappointed in finding out the s_x of your baby but all we're saying is isn't having a healthy baby enough?? I don't know if you know anyone who's struggling to get pregnant but I do and it's heartbreaking. Not everyone's as fortunate as you. I'm not out to offend anyone or be rude, I'm just trying to make you see the big picture. Good luck and hope all goes well.


jenn - February 4

how sad this turned into a p__sy match... too bad ... Anon i rememer being preg with my first.. oh how i wanted a boy.. but when i delivered my litle girl .. I thought to myself.. why did i ever want a boy in the first place..lol.. silly me..how far along are you Anon./\ whens your due date? I guess this is a good thing about not knowing. no choice but to take what your blessed with on the day i comes into the world. eh.. canada.. born... they dont tell u here.....


angel - February 4

as soon as u see ur baby girl u will fall head over heels in love with her dont worry :) when ur preggo the smallest thing can make u cry dont worry :)


EricaG - February 4

"to anon", I think that the part of your post that really got to people, and at least it was the part that got to me was "But if it was another boy. I would not be happy and I would make sure no body else was either" It made it sound as though you were going to make this child's life hell because it was a certain gender. In your first post you NEVER said anytihng about accepting the baby or learning to love it. It was all negative. Perhaps if you had included something along those lines people wouldn't be "haters". I know that you have the right to think what you want. But you have to remember that you are talking in a forum full of women devestated by miscarriage and stillbirths and infertility. And remember, these women can and will say their opinions. So unless you want a fight, you need to word things more carefully. You don't truly and fully know what you had until it has been taken away from you... I think that these women know better than us to be thankful for just having a healthy baby, no matter what gender. I know that I have taken their advice. This is my first baby and I HAD to have a girl. But reading their stories has made me understand that I should be thankful for even being able to get pregnant. Now when my family asks "what do you want the baby to be?" I say "healthy".



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