Unique Girl Names Need Help

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carebear1 - December 29

Ok... I've been through 3 books, tons of opinions from friends and family, and just needing some fresh ideas. Hubby and I can't agree on anything really! Our 20 month old daughter's name is Sienna, and now we are 6 months pregnant with another girl. Want a unique but not funky name, something pretty and not masculine. The only name we can semi-agree on is Mia, but I think it's already getting played out. Any ideas out there?? Thanks!


Aerinsue - December 30

Kendal, Emerson, Kelsie, Anistyn, Fallon...


carebear1 - December 30

My husband had liked Kendal, but we live in Florida and everyone knows "Kendall" as a large area in Miami. Emerson is too boyish to me, Kelsie is cute, but I know someone with that name. Anistyn is adorable but I'd be afraid people would think of Jennifer Anniston. Fallon is cute, I had suggested that to my hubby a while back but he didn't like. Errr...


carebear1 - December 30

Oh I forgot to add that Sienna has affectionately named my belly "Mimi"...


iona - December 30

What about Mimosa...? Then Mimi for short. It is a flower and I think also a drink, champagne and orange juice..


carebear1 - December 30

Yes... it's a flower and a drink. I love flower names, but the drink part is messing it up for me. Thanks though... that was unique!


MayMomma - December 30

I dont know if you consider them unique but I'll try. Gracelyn, Tatum, Savannah, Gianna, Payton, Leila, Makayla, Brielle.


carebear1 - December 30

Thank you... I love Savannah but my daughter's name is Sienna... I think it's a little too close, but I may use Savannah as a middle name. Payton is cute. Tatum makes me think of Tater tots lol. Leila I like, but DH has a friend with the name. Makayla has been done. Brielle is really cute... I like Brie for short too. I'll have to get Congress to approve (DH lol).


Hockeymom29 - December 31

How about Tabitha? My cousin had a baby in October and they named her Mireya (pronounced Mer- ray-a) which means miracle. Gretchen is not that common or Eliza and Ariel. That's all I have I guess. I think Brielle is pretty as well! Don't worry, you'll find the perfect name!


^lucy^ - January 1

i have to ask first if u got the congress approval for brielle :p j/k :) mm let me see.. we r 15 weeks pregnant and stil dont know the s_x of the baby yet but r struggling with girls names cz they're harder than boys :) we have a 2 yr and 7 months old daughter her name is Taleen.. its of a greek origin meaning bright beautiful girl. other names are: Serena, Kinda, Jenna, Thea, Celeste, Joelle, Natalie, Thalia, and Reinne.. hope u like one of them :)


rcmiller - January 7

I too am on the hunt for something unique but not too made up sounding. Where I live there are way too many made up sounding names and its just ridiculous. I have one thats actually my great grandmothers middle name but I don't want to tell it out for fear that it will get used by others. I'm 90% sure we will use it for either and first or middle name (if its a girl) But my youngest daughters name is Mesa. I absolutely love her name and most people say how cool and they've never heard it before. Tayla is a really popular name here in Australia but I don't know how used it is over in America. My kids told me some names of kids in their school and here are some that you may find unique. Shanoah, Lily, Kiraghlie, Vashton (??), Tyla, Carson, Millie, Marly, Brody, Eloise, Sariah....well, hope you find something good!


Julie - January 7

I have 2 daughters, named Jillian, and Reagan. I think both are unique, and not something you hear very often. At least not where I am. Good Luck!


lnichole - January 8

I like Hayden, Ava, and Bella!! It seems that my husband makes boys only so I will never get to use any cute baby girl names!!


Chris1975 - January 11

What about Adelaide? Thats something unique, soft and elegant we were considering before we had our son. :)


austynsmommy - January 13

I named my daughter austyn.


BabydollDee02 - January 13



carebear1 - January 13

I actually really like Adelaide, but I think more for a middle name. I can't see people in every day life getting used to it... grrr. We have been thinking of Mia the last few weeks. It's one of my husband's choices that I could tolerate, but I just don't know if I'm totally FEELING it. Plus I can't think of a middle name!! We have a last name that is known as an "herb" or spice and unfortunately rhymes all too well with certain first names. So some names that I love are just a definite NO because of the rhyming thing. Anyone else have anything unique??



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