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beccaisamommy - March 7

Hey guys, well I've been on this site for a few months and I usually just read everyone's posts to get a feel of what is going on. I occasionally ask a question and usually get great advice! Now my question is this: I had a doctor's appointment yesterday which made me 14wks6dys. I also had to get some blood work drawn and they asked me if I wanted to take the AFP test( tests for neural tube defects, down syndrome, etc) and she looked on the computer and noticed that I had approved the test when I had my first appointment. I agreed to the test before i found this website and found out about all the false positives and things like that. I asked her about that and she said yes sometimes there are false positives but then more testing is done. More testing which would be amniocentisis which I 100% refuse. I know of someone who had amniocentisis with her daughter and the amniotic fluid leaked causing the child to be brain damaged so I absolutely refuse to do that. Anyway, I allowed them to draw the blood to test me and I regret it so much. My mom's first child was born with anencephaly which occurs when the baby is born with no brain so I have a slightly higher chance of having a baby like that and knowing that I still wish I had not of done the test, if it comes out positive I will stress myself out my entire pregnancy and not really know if it is true or not. I guess I just need encouragement and to see what everyone else's experience was. Sorry so long......


suze42 - March 7

Hi becca, I hear where youre coming from...I had the screen bc of my age...also knowing of the false positives. And i also did not want amnio. However, you can see alot of abnormalities in a level 2 ultrasound. My ob urged me to take the AFP, so that the u/s tech would be alerted to any issues she should be looking for in the level 2 u/s. That much made sense to me...and they also scheduled my u/s just 3 days after I got the positve I didnt have to "sweat" for too long. My u/s showed no markers for any abnormalities (even tho my screen came back 1:10 for downs)...and that was good enuf for me. I refused the amnio and I feel totally confident about my babies health. So my point is that not all roads have to lead to an amnio. And a level 2 u/s can eliminate alot fo worries. Now the tech will TELL you that they can rule out everything...but It was enuf for me to know that all measured okay on baby, she had 2 arms 2 legs, 10 fingers and toes, 1 head and a normal spine! So dont worry about the AFP, just think of it as a preliminary screening to better inform you and the u/s techs. GOOD LUCK! Im sure you and baby are going to be just great!


kristinns25 - March 7

My best friend just received a false positive for possibly down's. She went for a indepth ultrasound and the doc could not find any abnormalities. She said despite the stress and worry she is still happy she did the test because it also test for things like spina bifida which there is some treatment for. I will have the test my next visit and I am very nervous about the results.


c_baer19 - March 7

Becca, if you're not going to have an amnio, maybe your'e better off just ignoring the results and not paying any attention to them at all. I also would not get an amnio or an abortion, so I declined the testing because I didn't want to worry over what could be nothing!


JessC531 - March 7

I did the blood test, knowing I would not do an amnio. My doc said if it came back positive, they could look for it in the u/s. No amnio necessary. (Mine came back fine though.) And as far as I know, some things can be treated before birth, so it could be useful information. Try not to worry too much about it... When do you get your results back?


squished - March 8

becca....we lost our first baby to anencephaly at 21w. We didn't know about it unti then b/c no u/s was done between 6w and then. Before I got pregnant with this little one I was on high dose folic acid to help prevent a recurrence. They can usually detect anencephaly at about 12-14w with an u/s. We had the AFP test and a level 2 u/s to check and all is well. There are a high number of false positives, but most of those are for downs. Like I said anencephaly is easily determined by u/s. Hope that this helps.


beccaisamommy - March 9

Thanks for answering I feel better. I'm going to call and see if my results are in today but most likely Monday.


krnj - March 9

Hi becca, I had that blood test done. Well it showed some gene that I had that could cause autism & downs. I didn't have the test with my first son and he turned out just fine! Anyway I was freaking out & it turns out it was nothing. I also refused the amnio. I think there's too much info with all these tests sometimes! I wouldn't worry, I'm sure your baby is just fine!


Maggie - March 9

Becca, I had the AFP, level II, and the amnio done. I had a positive AFP, and 2 soft markers for Down's. I had originally thought that I would never do the amnio because I do not believe in abortion. However, after the u/s My dh and I decided that we needed to educate ourselves in case our baby did have Down's. I felt that if I didn't know until the baby was born I may have trouble bonding with him because of the initial shock. Thank God the amnio was normal. I tell anyone aho is torn on what to do about having an amnio, to really educate themselves on the procedure. The doctor I went to does about 100 a week, and he ultrasound guides the needle the whole time. I do not regret my decision, as you should not regret any decisions you make regarding you and your babies welfare. Keep in mind that I have two other children and I had to factor them into my decision. If this had happened with my first baby I don't think I would have had the amnio, but now my attention is split. You do what feels right for you.


beccaisamommy - March 14

Hi guys! Thanks for all the advice. I got my test results back and they are negative! Thank God I didn't have to even make a decision regarding the amnio. Anyway just wanted to check in and say thanks for the advice and support. Good Luck to all of you :-)


lawlady72 - March 15

One thing you have to also realize is that people are more prone to vocalize and in this case post things they want to get off their chests. This is why you see more posts about negative things than positive most of the time. This is why my doctor made me promise to not take too much credence in what I read on the internet. That causes more stress than necessary. Yes these tests have a tendency to have false positives but in real life I have encountered more people who got it done and it came back normal. It's just that the one who get false positives are more likely to want to air it out. The ones who get negatives just go on their way and tell their loved ones it was normal and thats it.



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