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krissy79 - June 16

Ladies, When did you start feeling your movement? I know i've posted a thousand threads but it kind of upsets me that I can feel that much yet. I will be 24 weeks on sunday. When I'm sitting at work or laying down at home, I think I feel something in my lower abdomen. Its only on the left hand side though. although sometimes on other sides too...I just hope thats what it is....I'm showing quite a bit too....Where does everyone else feel it? Is it just me?


KLT - June 16

Don't worry..i'm at 22 weeks and pretty much in the same boat. I "think" I feel something but i'm not 100% sure. I'm not getting the obvious kicks and punches that I hear other people are getting and I can't feel anything with my bare hands. I sometimes am getting what feels like a popping bubble in my lower abdomen and thats it..and its always in the same area. Don't be upset...we'll have our time soon! : ) You do hear the heartbeat when you go for your appts right? If anything, that should make you feel good...I know it does for me..cause its kind of like Well, now I know there is something moving around in there! Plus I got one of those listening devices at the store - I bought mine at Target - and you can just put the headphones on and listen to the baby moving around. I'm dying to really feel her move though and have my husband feel it too!! Hang in there. : )


HannahBaby - June 16

im 23 weeks and my son is like going to be a pro soccer player or something!! Hes all over the place. I felt alot of movement with my daughter at 19 weeks but with my son he is just starting to get totally active, dont worry your time will come


mandee25 - June 16

Today I am 18 weeks along and I have felt the odd flutter here and there since week 15 although it hasn't been consistent. Today I have been feeling tiny kicks in my left side of my lower abdomen. I can't wait until I feel movement more often. Krissy, I wouldn't worry too much. Every woman is different and what they experience while pregnant is unique. Like Hannah says, your time will come!


CaliTrish - June 16

I'll be 24 weeks on Saturday, and I just started feeling my little bean move last week. Overnight it went from pretty much nadda to whoa. Definitely getting more consistent as time pa__ses. He's most active at bedtime when I'm trying to fall asleep. I feel him best when I'm slouching on the couch or lying on my back. The movement is pretty restricted to round part of my belly below my belly b___ton. Try not to get upset. It'll happen. It'll happen so much you almost feel queasy from all the bubbles popping.


Aviendha416 - June 18

I was kind of disappointed myself to learn that I probably would not feel anything until closer to the 5th month. I have been feeling a flutter here and there but I was never sure whether it was my little peanut bouncing around. Today, while in the car with my husband and my dog I felt the little peanut startle. The dog barked once, suddenly and loudly and I felt and instant, startled boink! in my lower tummy. I have been reading that fetuses begin to respond to external stimuli during the 4th month. Hang in there, I'm sure your baby will be doing backflips in no time and you'll think back on the quieter days with chagrin. 8-)


KLT - June 19

We tried flashing a flashlight on my belly over the weekend and felt the baby move! I saw this on some TV program and figured i'd give it a shot. She had started kicking on Friday nite...before then I wasn't 100% sure if she was or not.... after that we tried the flashlight and she definitely moved. Give it a try!



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