Upset Because Have Not Felt Baby Move

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ChrissyJ - March 25

I am 18wks 4dys and I have not felt any real movement!I am worried that something is wrong.I am overweight,maybe this has something to do w/ it.I had a u/s 2wks back & the baby was fine.Is anyone else going through the same?Please help


Been There - March 25

There is no rule that says you'll feel the baby move by 18 weeks. They say usually by 22 weeks at the latest. Give it a little time. It could be the way the baby is facing. If he/she prefers to face inward, you most likely won't feel that movement. When he/she starts poking outward toward your front, then you can feel it. Don't worry yourself. You'll feel the baby soon. The question is also what you mean by real movement. Do you mean more than the flutters that are barely there but you can notice if you relax and concentrate?


ChrissyJ - March 25

Every once in a while I think I may feel a flutter but then I try to keep still and it stops.Thanks for your answer;)I'll try not to worry it's just I had a mc before and I am just so excited about the baby.


mommietobe - March 25

Congrats on your baby. Don't worry that you haven't felt it yet. I too am overweight and didn't feel my first baby until 22 wks. This is my second baby and I felt him at 16wks. It might be that you have felt it but didn't realize it at the time. Give it time you'll be up at night with your little one moving and kicking in no time.


Been There - March 25

I completely understand. But you're at 18 weeks, well past the worrying point for a miscarriage. That baby is coming. Just wait until he/she gets really big and the movements make you stop in your tracks because he/she is stretching, punching and kicking the heck out of you. You'll look back and think how much you looked forward to movement and laugh. You'll have gotten what you wished for and boy will you know it! But it will still feel good, well, at least mentally.


babyluv - March 25

Hi Chrissy. This is my 3rd baby and I just started to feel movements at 20-21 weeks. My placenta is in the front of my stomach and is acting like a cushion to absorb the baby's kicks. You'll be feeling your little one really soon:0)


Deb - March 26

There's a chance that you have already felt the baby, but did not know it was the baby. I felt it early, but I wouldn't have known if my sister hadn't told me it feels like gas. That's exactly what it was like, gas moving through my intestines. I knew it was the baby though because it was very low...near the pubic bone, too low to be gas. Be patient, you will feel it soon enough. Many women don't feel it until around 22 weeks.


ChrissyJ - March 26

Thanks everyone;)My son is 8yrs old so I don't remember that much about that pregnancy.I had the m/c about 2 1/2 yrs ago.I go to the Doc this thur I will be happy to hear the heartbeat again!


Brooke Jackson - March 27

I didn't feel the baby until about 21 weeks. This is my first and I really had no clue what I was feeling. But at 21 weeks, I could definately tell that my little girl was moving. Now, I'm 23 and she's constantly moving, especially when I lie flat.



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