Urine Infection

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confused - May 18

for the last week i have been really sore n a bit itchy down below an d i treated myself thinking i had thrush but it didnt work so im taking cyst_ts treament but its not helping!and im peeing at lot more than normal.


Kara - May 19

Yes, it could be a uti, they can be pretty common in pregnancy, you'll need to see a dr and he test your urine and give you antibiotics to treat it. You should see a dr just in case too, cos untreated uti's can affect your kidneys, and if that happens it affects your baby too.


Lily - May 19

yes, you could have a uti. I would definitely consult a Dr about your situation. Is your tummy sore at all as well? That is also a sign of a uti, I've heard that many pregnant woman don't always have the same symptoms as those who are not (ie. the burning sensation during urination). Always remember to wipe front to back. Like Kara says, have it checked out, because it can affect your kidneys if untreated and it could have unwanted affects on your baby too. Good Luck.


confused - May 19

ok thanks,im goin to have to because nothing else is working!


Lesley Ann - May 19

It could be a UTI but it sounds more like an actual v____al infection since you are sore and itchy. I'd see your doctor as soon as you can for them to check it out and to prescribe you something if necessary. Good luck!


Tigerphoenix - May 19

I was told that I have Strep B infection the last time I went to the Dr. They said it isnt a big deal and that they treat you for it regardless at 36weeks. It doesnt bother me so they are holding off on antibiotics. But if you have it and it bothers you the doc will probably put you on some sort of cillien.


confused - May 20

not heard of strep b but will make appointment soon


Tigerphoenix - May 20

Its a uti that causes burning and some kidney pain if it is bad. Its no big deal. Ask your dr if you are concerned.


Nelly - May 22

hi confused, midwives told me to drink citrosoda with cranburry on an empty stomarch first thing in the morning, it seems to be working for me.


confused - May 23

swa doctor today and she says its thrush but that its inflamed n sore so she gave me canasten hc cream.


SDugi - July 9

My doctor prescribed penicillin for my UTI. But I don't have a burning sensation. It seemed that I had no symptoms at all.



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