Use Your Old Wives Tales On Me

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ker - January 19

Hi, I found out what I am having last month, and just for fun, I thought it'd be interesting to see how many old wives tales anyone can do on me to try and predict what I am having. Let me know if you need any specific information from me. Here are some of my details; I was born in Dec. 1979, I got pg in Aug 2005, my baby is due in May 2006. I have one child already.


ShellyC - January 19

Well, according to the Chinese lunar calendar you should be having a boy?


Tess - January 19

What's the heartbeat of your baby?


ker - January 19

Hi, The heartbeat has been in the 130's, 120's mostly.


N - January 19

A boy?


Tess - January 19

Based on the hb you're expecting a baby boy :o)


ShellyC - January 19

Are we right, are we right?


Tillie - January 19

Well, before you tell us: How much weight have you gained and how far along are you? And how's your skin, and has your leg hair grown at a slower pace since getting pregnant or stayed the same?


Anissa - January 19

Ooooo, tell us, tell us!!


ker - January 20

to Tillie; I've gained about 10 lbs so far. My skin is pretty c___ppy, but it was before pgncy too. My leg hair has nearly completely stopped growing, which I am loving!


angi - January 20

oh, you are having a boy!


Ba8y6irl - January 20

I say girl just to be different... cuz I have a lot of those symptoms, except the heartbeat and I am having a girl :)


Hope - January 20

Im going to say girl too! You just described me and I am having a girl!


angie - January 20

ok will you stop this tourture? we are all in anxious to know if we're right. I say if you look better now than before you we pregnant it's a boy!


HH - January 20

Hmm the heartbeat and the chineese calendar say a boy. Your weight gain says a boy, but your skin condition says a girl..the leg thing, I'm not sure about. Okay one more question (sorry it maybe disgusting), how is your urine colour? Bright yellow or dull yellow? Oh and shape of it everywhere around your waist or pointing out? Tell us please :-)


ker - January 20

Ok, I will stop the torture, sorry. Ba8y6irl and Hope you are right, I am having a Girl! to HH, my urine is dull yellow usually and tummy is very round and out front. Looks like most of the wives tales were wrong for me. Chinese calendar was wrong for me last time as well. Thanks for playing along with me girls, just some fun to pa__s the time. I hope all of your pregnancy's are going well. Thanks.


lucy - January 20

hi ker.. im due may 24 2006 with our first girl :) chinese calendar and all stuff were telling me its a boy!! strange how it works for some people but not for others!!



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