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JerseyGirl - January 20

OK, so I'm pretty sure the pain I feel at random times of the day is normal, but I was just curious to know who else out there feels pain in their uterus? It sometimes actually feel like a huge gas bubble (like I have to "pass wind"), but it's not that. It woke me up last night - it was so bad for a few minutes that I couldn't even turn over to my other side!!! Is it just the uterus continuing to stretch? I'm 19 weeks and 3 days... Thanks :)


sarahd - January 20

I get random aches and pains in my uterus and groin - pretty sure it's just stretching as it's not coming in waves or anything (I'm 20w6d).


ophelia73 - January 20

Wow - I have been feeling the exact same thing for several days now. You described it perfectly, like a huge gas bubble. It also seems to be worse if I wait to long to pee. Does it hurt to stand up straight? Like you feel better if you are bent over or curled into a ball? That is how mine is sometimes.


time4more - January 20

sounds like it could be braxton hicks! :o) they are harmless practice contractions... but if they happen frequently, you should tell your doc so they can check and make sure they are not having an effect on your cervix.... sometimes the contractions can happen if you are dehydrated.... good luck :o)


krnj - January 20

Jersey, I remember having that when I was pregnant with my son. Like Time4more said, make sure you're hydrated! I actually wound up in the hospital for premature labor because I was dehydrated at 30 weeks with my son. The dr put me on "light" bedrest for the rest of the 3rd trimester! Keep drinking your water, it helps with the pain too.


JerseyGirl - January 22

Braxton Hicks - this early? Oye vey!!! I will definitely tell my dr. at my next visit (not until Feb. 15th). OPHELIA: I agree - I think it's the worst when I wait too long to pee. So I when I actually sit to do it, it hurts like a gas bubble... until after I get up. And it sometimes it DOES hurt to stand up straight. I drink throughout the day, but it's not like I write down how much - so who knows if I'm hydrated enough. Not that I didn't think this feeling was normal, but it's nice to hear others have it too (although I'm sorry you do!) Thanks for responding :)


jessica72 - January 22

The gas bubble I agree is a good a___logy. My uterine pain happens at night usually after a hearty meal, like I have tons of gas, but none comes out. Might be BH, who knows? Do any of you have tender spots on your abdomen that if you press down they aren't killer painful, but that annoying little pain?


JerseyGirl - January 23

jessica72: Yeah, I have that. Though I try not to press on my belly - it freaks me out :)



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