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not sure?? - November 8

Hey girls, this may be a stupid question but here it goes. How do you know where your uterus is at by feeling on your stomach?


Lindsay - November 8

You might be growing slow, you'll know when it starts to stick out. The part that sticks out the furthest from your body is the beginning of the slope to the highest part or fundus, I have a hard time feeling my fundus right now, mainly because its behind my belly b___ton. It should be directly at your bb at 20 weeks. From your pubic bone, your fundus should correspond in weeks gestational age and inches, so measure yourself-18 weeks=18 inches and so on.


Jennifer - November 9

A really neat trick is to have an orgasm. Okay, well, not so much a trick, but the point is that after orgasm the edges of your uterus get hard for about an hour or two, and it's really easy to fill the outline.


Jennifer - November 9

Umm.. I meant feel, not fill. Preggo brain rearing it's ugly little head again!


jamie - November 9

It's really hard to feel...I thought I was feeling mine still down really low, like by my hair line, which was too low for how far along I was...I was 17 weeks...well I went to my appointment at the end of my 17th week and asked my dr where my uterus was, and she said the top was at my belly b___ton!! I was shocked. Usually by 17 wks it's about halfway to your belly b___ton, and by 20 it's to your belly b___ton...I am really small though so I guess mine is just getting up there quicker. Anyway, after she told me this, when I got home I sat down and kind of leaned back a bit against the couch, and started pushing on my stomach lightly from the bottom up, and sure enough right when I got to my belly b___ton it felt slightly mushier from there on up. I can't feel a firm ball, or a drop off or a rounded edge or anything, but I can tell a difference in the mushiness if that makes sense. And the first post is not right, by 18 weeks you should not be 18 inches. Your uterus is only about the size of a cantelope, 18 inches is much bigger than that.


erin - November 9

My first two pregnancies I was constantly trying to find it and never could, but this time it's easy. Don't know why that is. I noticed it first when I was about 15 or so weeks, I'd lie on my back and you could see this firm ball sticking out really clearly.



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