Uterus Stretching

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tara - March 15

Hi - I'm at 20 weeks now and last night I had this pulling sensation in my belly, it was a bit painfull and uncomfortable. I can still feel it a little bit today. I'm wondering if this is the uterus stretching?? Any suggestions from anyone who has been through this and felt this is appreciated. Much thanks


Beth - March 15

I am at 16 weeks and I am feeling that, had allot of it this morning as a matter of fact!


Tina - March 16

This is my first pregnancy and I have it too at 17 weeks...it has gone away after a day or so for me and comes back now and then, from what I read this is definitely the uterus and ligaments stretching...a good sign your growing!


tara - March 17

It's just so wierd to see and feel my own body changing right before my eyes. I've been measuring my self lately and I can't belive what a difference a few days makes. It's really amazing, and the bigger I'm getting the more I'm enjoying this. :o) Also, people can now guess that i'm more likely to be pregnant than just gaining wieght :o)


Babe - April 3

I have been experiencing the same thing, I am now at 17 weeks and have been measuring myself as well, back at the end of Jan. I had a 25" tummy and now its 33" I have gained most of it in the past few weeks, its amazing., but i agree that the pulling stretching sensation is uncomfortable sometimes I'm not sure how to sit.


sTwiggs - April 3

When do your uterus start streching ?


maria - April 4

i have the same thing and i am 15 and a half weeks along.


M - April 4

Hi, I'm 15 weeks along and have cramp like feelings occasionally. My doctor told me this is normal. I believe it's my uterus stretching. Is that what you guys have?


Ann - April 5

Im only 12w2d and Im getting that already. The only thing I can compare it to is growing pains in your legs as a kid. Or maybe a charlie-horse like pain. Doc says I'm fine. I find that those rice packs that you can put in the microwave are awesome for easing some of those cramps. It also helps for me to get on all fours and rock forward and backward. Although, I don't suggest you do this at work. People will stare. :)



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