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nichole4886 - May 1

Has anyone been getting frequent urinary tract infections like I've been? I am 14 weeks pregnant and I just got my 3rd urinary tract infection since the beginning of my pregnancy. Also, shouldn't my belly be getting hard now, or is it still to early?


amanda103 - May 1

I don't know if I have a UTI, or bladder infection or what. I have a "heavy" feeling in the front low part of my belly, it doesn't hurt it's just uncomfortable. But I don't know if maybe the baby has turned and his head is down there now? I'm 21 weeks so I don't know when they do that. It doesn't hurt when I go pee, but sometimes when I go I feel intense pressure in the bladder area. So I have no idea what it could be and I don't see the Dr. again until the 22nd. Sorry Nichole that I couldn't give you any input. And about your belly getting hard, mine doesn't really feel any different to me yet.


nichole4886 - May 1

I think you always have a burning sensation when you go pee and that is the main indication of a UTI, so I'm not sure what the pressure is that you're feeling when you urinate (because I don't know what it feels like when the baby has turned either). But thanks for letting me know about your belly not really getting hard, because I was geting a little concerned about that.


Jen - May 1

On last months visit they told me I had a bladder infection, I just thought all the extra trips to the bathroom were from pregnancy, lol. Anyhow, I had no burning, just frequency. But I have a history of UTI's. I have another appt tomorrow and I fear they will tell me I have another one. I am now 18 weeks.


SuzieQ - May 2

I've had uti's in the past, although not during this pregnancy. They suck big time! I hate them so much! I drink lots of water and pee every time after s_x, and that seems to help. (sorry if tmi) Don't worry about your stomach hardness - I didn't feel a bump until well into my 15th week. I am now 18wks and when I lat flat, my stomach has this cute bump (when all the extra "skin" slides off) lol :) It didn't do this at 14 weeks by any means.


KellyO - May 2

Nichole - I just found out today that I have a UTI. I am 15wks and 5days. I usually get them every few months normally but this is my frst one while I am preggo. It seems to be much worse when I am preggo. I can usually feel them coming on and I usually get meds before the pain actually sets in but this time I couldn't tell until it was really bad. I know I don't have to go to the doctor they will just call in a rx. I have kidney problems, that is why I get them so often. My doc said the s_x can irritate the urethra and cause uti. She said that is one of the main reasons women get uti's. Good Luck, I know how you feel!


nichole4886 - May 3

Thank you all for all of your help!!!


Ddvinson3 - May 3

I have no info about the uti's but your tummy doesn't start getting hard until 18-20 weeks thats what the dr. told me. And I'm 20 weeks and mine is just now getting harder.



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