Vaginal Childbirth Question

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jen27 - January 20

I am currently 22 wks 2 days pregnant with my first child so this may be a little early to ask this question but it is something that I have been wondering about. Are there any mommies who have gone through a va___al child birth and were lucky enough not to tear or need an episiotomy? I'm not sure how often this happens but have been told that it does happen. If you are one of the mommies to be so lucky, can you give me some advice on any thing you may have done prior to the birth to prepare the area? I have heard about perineal massage and also rubbing creams on the area. Does that work? When do you start that? Do you have any other suggestions?


cors1wfe - January 20

Jen - I have had 2 babies v____ally - I had such a tiny tear that it didn't even get st_tched - I did not feel additional pain as a result of that - I have to say tear or not you need to expect to be in some pain for a little while after giving birth - I believe if I had done perineal ma__sage or some kind of cream I wouldn't have had even that tiny tear - I am on my third pregnancy and I don't anitcipate tearing at all .....I don't know if you plan on having pain meds or not but I believe the more relaxed you are the better your chances are of not tearing - that's easier said than done with being a first timer - your body knows what to do just trust it and stay relaxed - my second baby flew out after 2 pushes - my first one was fairly easy to deliver also .....maybe even some yoga or something might help. I wasn't exactly the person you were looking to answer but I hope that helps! Good Luck!


ironmama - January 20

hey jen, i have had one child and it was v____al birth, while i was laboring my midwife constantly had a bowl of hot water (this is where the tradition comes from) and she was using a rag soaked in the hot water to constantly keep my perinium warm. She kept rewarmng the rag, and placing it on my opening and also ma__saging my perinium as my son was starting to come out. Ask a midwife, they very very rarely do episiotomies. Those are so un-necessary. And i did tear a teeeny bit on the inside, no st_tches, healed on its own just fine. my boy was 9 lbs 2 oz and i am pretty small. Quite a feat and it all went fine. Have no fear mama. Find a midwife and ask some questions. Good luck! And no it is never to early to start thinking about these questions, good for you!


ironmama - January 20

oh ps. i was birthing on my hands and knees, keeps the pelvis open and helps your body out tremendously. The best way to have an easy birth is DONT LAY ON YOUR BACK. It is purely for the benefit of the doctor so they can see better it is NOT for your benefit. Look into alternative birthing positions. Also using your voice helps open your body. I growled :)


Gemini_Girl - January 20

Hi there is a recent post called "Tearing Prevention" on the 3rd tri board, read some of the comments there :)


Sprinkles - January 20

HI I had a v____al birth with my daughter 11 yrs ago and back then they were into cutting people to avoid the tearing i told the doctor before hand not even think about cutting me - I told them I wanted to tear naturally if it happend and I didn't do anything special no ma__sages or creams (more so cause of the lack of even thinking of those things) but I did not tear at all. I also didn't take any pain meds - I won't say it didn't hurt but I felt more in tune with my body and when it came down to it I pushed her out I believe in 3 or 4 pushes no more then that ... which was great I thought haha I also was a growler .. I didn't scream but I did growl and I felt that helped. I'm going to look into that hands and knees position I may try that this time around. Good Luck!


jen27 - January 21

Thanks ladies for sharing all of your advice and experiences. It's helping me to calm my fear.



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