Vaginal Discharge Leukorrhea

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Erin15 - February 17

I've noticed that I can sometimes feel discharge on its way out if I'm up walking around. When I look, it is not so much the consistency of egg white, but is pretty clear and would leave my underwear a little wet if I didn't wear a panty liner. Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm 16 weeks along. I've polled two of my girlfriends who have recently given birth and one couldn't remember when it began (if it was later in the pregnancy) and the other thought it sounded totally normal. If anyone would be willing to share their details on this rather yucky topic, I'd be most grateful!


kay101 - February 17

I'm 25 weeks but I've had it for a while. I've actually had it drip down my leg when I had a robe on *gross* so yeah it's normal to feel wet down there. Best you can do is wear a panty liner like you've been doing and periodically wiping yourself off.


mommaminchey - February 18

I am 15w and have had it for about 2 weeks... It's perfectly normal...


stefkay - February 18

I think it only gets worse. I'm such a worrier that I was convinced I was leaking fluid and called the dr's office several times over this, lol :) They said it is totally normal and I now just wear a liner everyday. It always seems that when I'm standing and talking to someone that I feel the "dripping sensation" and I want to run for the bathroom because it reminds me of the feeling I'd get when I had my period and it still freaks me out!


alinadaud - February 18

I am 25 weeks and it has been happening to me for a while to. I cannot remember when it started, but definitely within the first trimester. I am glad to se that it happens to other people. I started worrying as well that I was leaking amniotic fluid. I feel much more relieved now. Thanks for posting that.


Erin15 - February 18

So good to know that I'm not alone in experiencing this and in freaking out about it!! Thank you all!


newmomma32 - February 19

me too---wear a panty liner--it helps! :-)


sarah21 - February 19

I had it really early on. Sometimes it's really thin and I thought it was amniotic fluid but it wasn't. Panty liners are a woman's best friend!!



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