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seanandmya - February 21

Today is our six year anniversary . It sucks that it had to fall on a wednesday ! It's miserable outside , and I feel neglected . I feel like I have to remind dh that I am pregnant , and I do look after our other two children all day , it's not like im sitting around the house watching tv ! I dunno I'm probably not even making sense , I just want some attention . We haven't had s_x in ages , I just feel like the romance is gone . Having almost three kids should not mean that we don't have to work at our relationship ! I just feel ICKY and I can't really put my finger on why ?! Maybe it's just hormones . Also Ive been havin these weird pains on and off all day , they aren't braxton hicks or anything , they're really painful and at the top of my stomach its like a weird tightening with pain , Im not gonna bother calling my doc cause this happened with my last pregnancy and the scan showed that the baby's head was just up really high so it was causing some discomfort . It seems to have stopped now anyway . Okay I think im done , I just wanted to voice all this to some adult ears . I think the kids might find it a bit strange if i start venting to them ! - February 21

hey, don't sweat it! sometimes its good to vent! you need to get all that out of you! just try talking to your husband, or if that doesn't work maybe suggest visiting a counselor. communication is important in a marrieage, especially where children are involved. maybe your hubby feels the same way, but is just affraid to talk about it with you! you never know unless you talk it out!


mommybabyboy21 - February 21

seanandmya how far along are you last night i had the worst pain in the same spot you discribed but it seems once I got out of bed and rub the area for a good half hour it went away I knew it couldn't be the baby because it was way too high it was almost like under my right b___b. I don't want to be the person who calls her dr for everything so I was just wondering?


excited2bemama - February 21

I feel the same way sometimes-These hormones make me feel so fat and frumpy- none of my clothes fit right so i never feel s_xy. I feel like I am emotionaly needy- always wanting snuggles and sometimes even s_x... Not to mention my back constanly hurts, I am tired, not sleeping well, have lots of pains in my ribs- I think it just all adds up and makes us feel crazy!!!


seanandmya - February 26

mommybabyboy I am 24 weeks now , maybe its just stretching . Thats what i keep telling myself anyway !


AshleyandAverysmom - February 26

Soemtimes we just need to feel that we are wanted not needed! I feel your pain...If I say " I'm so tired" muy husband will chime in and say "tell me about"... Hello, I've cleaned the house and took care of two children while being pregnant! Sometimes it just nice for somebody to pamper us...Hope your anniversary went well!


Allisonc79 - February 27

I can relate with you guys. I don't feel my s_xiest now adays. Having s_x is about the most uncomfortable thing, but at the same time your the tasmanian devil of hormones! My belly finally is poking out to where it goes past my b___bs, don't have a waist anymore. I just picture baby there instead and it doesn't bother me. I think that it is normal what your going through with him, and many of us are going through the same thing. My s_x life is pretty slim to none these days and before we were at the pretty often mark. I would just talk to him and I am sure he will offer you some rea__surance.


AshleyandAverysmom - February 27

with my first I didnt want s_x EVER!!!! with the 2nd my s_x drive ramped up a little, by the third I like it alot (teehee) My husband isnt one to constantly tell me how s_xy I am, so with my new playboy Boobs that I seem to be getting, I just tell me self I am and that helps!


wailing - February 27

Seanandmya, it's good that u are venting. I know we ALL feel this way at times. I personally feel guilty about the "whining" I do about aches and pains, etc. Then I have to remind myself that we are growing HUMAN BEINGS inside us!!!!! Keep ur Chin up!



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