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Venting - November 3

I sorry but I just need to vent and this seems like the perfect place. I'm 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby hopefully. (I say hopefully because I had a m/c in April). Anyways, I hate my job. I used to love it but now everything has changed since I'm pregnant. Everytime I talk to my boss she stares at my growing belly and she doesn't give me any breaks. I've been really sick with this cold/flu thing that is going around and I haven't called in sick to work because I know that would just p___s her off but she being there p___ses her off too. She'll ask me if I have to cough so much and why am I so tired. She even told me that I don't know what being sick is. Wait until I have a child to look after and I have the flu then. That's being sick!! I hate her. She has three kids of her own and they are her life, but me being pregnant is such a pain for because she has to train someone else to do my job when I leave. I get a year mat leave and she is not looking forward to training someone else considering she didn't even spend time training me. My co-worker, who we are suppost to job share is a pain in the ass. She always talks over me or talks down to me. She is the worst for talking about people too. She'll come back into the office and backstab everyone just to make herself look better. I just want to scream at her. I hate them both. The worst part is they are both really good friends and I'm always on the outside looking in. I've been in this position for a year and half and I still feel out of place. The only thing that is getting me through this is thinking in 4 months I'll be finished working with them for a year and hopefully I'll find a new job where I don't have to take their shit anymore. Everyday I wake up and I just want to scream that I have to go to that h__lish place. Everyone at works know that my boss has issues yet no one will stand up to her, because everyone is scared of what she'll say or do. My husband has been great a letting me vent about work but somedays are really tough. And with all these hormones running through my body I think I just might say something I'll regret later. Any advice for dealing with VERY difficult people.


Crystal - November 4

I completely understand your situation regarding working with aweful people. I just quite an office where I had worked a year with this group of women who were litterally divided in two groups. One horrible, one normal. The horrible one was completely into gossiping, back stabbing and just plain mean...the 'normal' one were all nice but such wimps about standing up to people. I tried to stay with the 'normal' group but I was just too opinionated and hated gossiping about the other group. When I talked to my boss about it he just said that it had been going on for a while and wasn't sure how to stop it. Frustrating. I just pretty much did my own thing after that. Not wonderful advice I know, but when women are catty like that, I just can't deal with it well and I completely have nothing to do with them (although I realize that you will still have to with your boss/co-worker). I would say be professional and nothing more. Remember that in just a few months it'll all be over. Collect the paycheck and don't look back...just start looking for a new job. Good luck!


Cathy - November 4

Oh Good! I am glad I am not alone on this issue. I can't even stand driving into work knowing that I will have to be here for 9 hours. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I have been missing some work due to complications and now no one will even talk to me here.


Jay - November 4

Crystal, do we work in the same office?!?! Joking. What you described is exactly my office. And your feelings are identical to mine :) This is the worst office I've ever worked in...ever! But, I am starting the nursing program at my local college in September and I will not be working while I do that. So, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. All of us must remember....they are lucky to have us and we pity them for their ignorance.


Maggie - November 4

I was in a similar work situation and after many weeks of stress and agony I took that leap of faith and I quit. It was scary thing to let go of my job while pregnant, but I had to let it go because the stress was too much, and I didn't want to hurt my baby. Quitting that job was the best move I've ever made. I was eventually able to find another job ( and I was 20 weeks pregnant.) The only real loss I'm taking is a loss in Maternity pay, but its better than being miserable at a job I hated.


Lindsay - November 7

I got fired for being pregnant


Crystal - November 7

Lindsay ~ I don't know where you live but in the States they cannot fire you for being pregnant ~ that's called discrimination and you can sue. I'd check into your rights.


Lindsay - November 8

Yeah, I know its against the law, but I just started working there. I live in 'no-fault' fla, and I have no way to PROVE, as it wasn't said directly. I was told to take some time off to figure things out, I called and called and they wouldnt put me back on the schedule, or even return my calls. All this c___p started IMMEDIATELY after telling them I was pregnant and keeping it, so I know thats the reason why, its just impossible to prove.


Lee - November 8

Pray! and breath deeply, it's good for the baby.


Beth - November 9

The same thing happened to me. I got hired at a job, then before my first day I found out I was preggo, then I told my boss on my first day, he let me work for 4 hours, then told me flat out that he couldn't keep me on in "my condition" I was enraged and I was going to sue but never got around to it.


Crystal - November 9

You know what gets me is say what if you're pregnant, are actually trying to support youreself with no second income from hubby or bf and no one will hire you ~ what do you do?? It's such c___p. I moved here when I was 5 months and now I have to do temp. work until after I have the baby because I'm obviously pregnant, and although people have offered me jobs, as soon as I tell them I'm pregnant, they recind the offer. I had even dicussed salary, starting date, everything. I guess they just thought I was really fat or something before I told them....I get so irritated. So now I'm stuck with lower paying work with no guarantee of work from one week to the next...I can't imagine having to do this without my husband's support!!



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