Very Expressive And Verbal Bad

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Christi - November 11

I am 22 weeks and I tend to not care what comes out of my mouth. I'm not really rude... but I am very honest and I have no shame in anything. I will be the first to admit that I stay constipated, I am gassy, and hemerroids (spelling?) suck. Before my pregnancy I would have been embarrassed to say those things... but lately... someone will ask me whats wrong and I'll blurt out "I have fart pains..." without even thinking. I know its entirely too much information... but I've gotten to the point I dont think before I speak... and honestly... I dont think I care if someone thinks its gross... I'm having to deal with it... I also have a problem when someone asks my opinion I am ready to be COMPLETELY honest... and dont p___s me off because I'll let you know exactly what I think of the situation... anyone else going through this??? Is this bad???


lol - November 11

well, it's not good. lol....But I can understand your low tolerance for BS. I have that too now. People that irritated me before that I could tolerate, I just can't tolerate anymore. But I usually feel bad afterwards because it is not their fault I am so uncomfortable. I have to learn a lot of self-control......


sparkles - November 11

That's so crazy, because that's exactly what I tell my DH. Ever since becoming pregnant, I have no tolerance for people ignorance. If someone's rude to me, I let them know about it! I'm not rude to them, but I'm VERY honest. Honestly though, nobody should have to tolerate some else's rudeness, but a lot of people do and don't say anything. I guess pregnancy gives you an empowerment to speak up and stand up for yourself.


ry - November 11

this is so funny, i am not usually outspoken and really watch what i say but lately i dont know what is gonna come out of my mouth. i was at the supermarket the other day and wasnt feeling well. there was a younger couple in front of me and an older couple in fronnt of them and we just werent moving fast enough for me so i said "come on!!!" really loud and b___hy. the guy turned around and gave me a dirty look and i go "oh not you" then we all looked at the poor old couple in front of them and i really felt like an a$$! my husband was so embarra__sed i thought he was gonna kill me!


Renee - November 11

Guilty as charged. I have been the biggest b___h when I come across people that "ruffle my feathers"!!


Christi - November 11

LOL...ry... been there, done almost the same thing. The thing is... if someone were to rush me right now I'd be ready to duke it


to Christi - November 11

I've screamed so hard & cried so hard since this all began, harder than I'm sure I ever had, EVER! Cried so hard I thought I'd pa__s out from it. And the things that come out of my mouth! Don't worry. If you laugh at yourself (during pregnancy or any part of life), it makes life a lot easier to handle during those moments. And everyone has 'em.


LJO - November 12

Christi- LOL girl im right there with you! 24 weeks and I do the same thing now. I don't think AT ALL before I speak and my hub is always giving me funny looks because im always saying some off the wall shyt! lol...I get sooo easily annoyed and mean for no reason really and just b__w up and let people have it. I know it's not right but I know it has to be because im pregnant and my hormones are going crazy. I was never like that before!..Good Luck to ya!!


Christi - November 12

I am so glad I am not the only one!!! I annoy!!!



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