Very Thirsty

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sj - June 7

Hi all Anyone else feeling thirsty all the time? I'm 26 weeks, and in the recently I've been waking up through the night needing to drink, and now it's becoming a problem during the day too. Any ideas on how to combat it? Don't think diabetes is a question as urine tests have been normal. Thanks!


Erin333 - June 7

I have this problem too. Mine is the worst right before bed and right when I wake up. I am soo thirsty before bed that I drink a gallon of water and end up awake all night peeing it out. When I wake up I can drink the entire container of orange juice or chocolate milk (pretty much whatever is in the fridge). I'm thinking I should enter a milk chugging contest because I take home first prize. I have no ideas as to how to combat it, but would love to hear some as well.


Kim L - June 7

I'm thirsty too! I'll be 23 weeks tomorrow and just in the last couple of days I've notice a dramatic increase in water consumption. And it stinks to be peeing all the time, but at least I know I'm getting plenty of fluids!


Taffy - June 7

I've been thirsty all through the pregnancy. It's getting worse as the weather gets warmer, which I guess makes sense. My sugar levels are fine as well. We're making a lot more blood at the moment so I guess most of the extra fluid is increasing our blood volume not to mention the increased rate at which our kidneys are now working. If you're thirsty listen to your body and have a drink. Bottoms up!


carol23 - June 8

Drink up ladies!!! But don't drink more than 2 gla__sfuls in a sitting. It'll dilute your blood and cause a chemical inbalance.


CaliTrish - June 9

Your body needs something like 8 gla__ses of water a day, but if you're suffering from excessive thirst especially after 20 weeks you should let your doctor know. Gestational diabetes won't necessarily show up in your urine. I've had GD since 11 weeks and there's never been sugar in my urine. I was thirstier than usual early on. Figured it was just a symptom of pregnancy cuz I wasn't drinking the prerequisite 8 gla__s of water a day. Unfortunately for me, it turned out to be GD.


firsttimepg - June 14

Hi I've had this problem too and it did become bothersome in the middle of the night when I was waking up to get a drink, but for some reason it seemed to help if I drank anything other than water! The water just seemed to make me thirst more...



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