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Hana - May 6

Hiya ladies, I had the weirdest feeling in my abs today. I thought it was the baby kicking but then it turned into a strong vibration/pulsation that lasted for a few seconds and then returned again after 10 mins. It couldn't be a kick coz it was a constant vibration. Very strange, have any of you felt this?


Evonna - May 6

Yes, It is a strange feeling. I tend to get those every now & then. I wander what's my baby doing when this happens..


mandee25 - May 6

Hana and Evonna, how far along are you?


Hana - May 6

Mandee, 19 weeks on monday. a, Evonna, glad to know i aint the only one. Thanks!


ThePezChick - May 7

I've explained a few of the strange sensations I've gotten as vibrations too. I have no idea what it is (it only last maybe 2-3 seconds), but I'm not concerned.


Evonna - May 7

Mandee, i'm 27 weeks and your welcome Hana. = ]


scarlett - May 13

I'm 16 weeks along, and I've been having vibrations for the past few days! I've been wondering what it is.


carol23 - May 15

I've had little vibrations too. Maybe it's gas.


mandee25 - May 15

I have also had a few of these weird vibrations sensations but as I am only 13w 3d I can't see it being related to the baby moving.


iakram - May 17

Okay so I'm not loosing it ... for the past two day's i've been getting this feeling's weird..does anyone get it when they pee? sorry ... i know it sounds weird but i had to ask...and it's donw there. i'm 29 weeks.


Steph - May 17

I get the same thing and I'm 32 weeks...I've seen this question before, and from everything that I have read, no on seems to know what the baby is doing...but at least it's normal!! :o)


ahemann99 - May 17

I am 23 weeks and have been getting them for a long while vibrations are always in the same exact right....right behind my rib.....i know my placenta is at the top and i sort of figured it has something to do with that. maybe it is blood flow or something...i don't know what it is, but i don't feel concerned at all....


iakram - May 17

All of you you are mentioning it's in the belly area? i feel mine down there...anyone feel it there?


Rebekah B - May 17

Could it be Baby hiccups?


divinelibra - May 17

i get it too every now and then. it feels like a twitch in my muscles. but then again it could be the baby because it happens in different places on my belly. maybe hiccups. this is a good one to bring up to the doctor since no one seems to know what it is.



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