Violent Vomiting Worried

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lalla - August 23

i am almost 13 wks along, and my morning sickness is going crazy. i have been sick for 5 weeks and it seems to only get worse! i can eat something and then when i vomite about 45 minutes later, it is the yellow/brown bile. i thought the food got absorbed really fast, because there is so little in my belly, so that 45 minutes later it was all absorbed again and only bile left.... when i am not taking the suppositories the doc gave me, i am vomiting this stuff once an hour, because no food can stay down at all. i even started bleeding in my throat from all the vomiting. sorry for all the detailes, but i was wondering if anyone else have the same experience. i am getting worried about all the medication that i am taking for the morning sickness, but my doc says it is safe. with all the vomiting, and so little nutrition in my body, where is the baby getting its nutrition from? i am just worried. anyone else out there in the same situation?


Dani - August 23

I went through this same situation. I couldnt even keep water down. And the same thing would happen w/me when i would eat. About 20 mins later with me though it would come up. And no matter how much i ate it would be bile, foam and yellow yuck. My Dr. had me on pill form of what you are on, not the suppositories. I would puke 15-16 X's per day. Make sure you go to the hospital to get re-hydrated because it is bad to be dehydrated. But my Dr told me that my your body still gives the baby nutrition, no matter how much you've eaten. Your body feeds the baby stored fat. I lost 20 lbs in my first 3 wks pregnant... I was worried too, I am 20 wks now. and My baby is growing on track and I just started gaining. And Ive gained a whole 1 lb. Dr said she isnt worried at all. She said I atleast have to gain 15 lbs cuz that is all baby but other then that i am fine. And i dont need to have gained that yet. good luck :)


lalla - August 23

hi Dani. thank you for your encouraging story. has your vomiting stopped yet or are you still sick? oh my, you lost 20 lbs! I have lost 10lb myself, and the doctor really wants me to gain some weight now. well, it feels rea__suring to hear that it will hopefully all be ok! it is my first, so i am very nervous! it is so funny, i have been waiting my whole life to become pregnant and then i did, and it turns out to be a nightmare! the only thing that keeps me going is knowing the wonder that will arrive in 6 months!


Tiffany - August 24

You poor thing....oh my goodness i had morning sickness just like you, and there was nothing i could do....i had to ride it out which was torture..i was on iv fluids a couple of times because i was so was so depressing anyway i started to feel better about 16 weeks and now it is a thing of the past and i am 23weeks and my baby is healthy and kicking constantly, hang in there and best of luck x i know how you feel.


Jaime - August 25

I had the same problem and eventually had to get a permanent iv put it. It helped alot because I could get fluids 24 hours a day and not worry about trying to get food in my body all the time.


Dani - August 25

Lalla- This is my first as well, for my hubby and I . We had been trying for a while and I had always dreamed of being pregnant. It isnt all what they ake it sound like, huh? I just quit being sick about 7 days ago. Like I said I am 20 wks. The Dr. talked about doing something permanent for me as well.... I think the reason my Dr. wasnt as concerned about me gaining anything yet was cuz i was a little over weight before getting pregnant. Good luck, your baby will be here soon :) Thats all i tell myself , is i will have a wonderful gift in the end . Belly Rubs!


Anna - August 25

I was in the same boat as you starting at 12 weeks, I am now 16 weeks. There is stuff you can do, first the doctor threw me in the hospital and gave me iv, and meds through that, that helped just to get me rehydrated and back up to eating a bit then for home he gave me a wonderful pill for nausea safe for preg women called diclatin, I take it before I eat anything and it has been wonderful. I haven't throwen up since.



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