Vision Blurred From Pregnancy

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Heidi - April 15

Okay, ever since I got to about wk 12, my vision has become quite blurred at a distance. I used to have horrible vision and then had lasix surgery in 1999 and have been free of glasses since. I really don't want to get them again but then I read in my book that your eyes change a little when pg and can cause vision changes but it goes back to normal after birth. Has anyone else noticed this? It's kind of annoying but not enough where I can't drive or anything like that. Everything is just kind of blurred at a distance. Not normal for me. Or I wonder if it's something I should tell my doc about?


NM - April 15

I have read the same thing. I do not have this problem--I am 22 wks. I would probably mention to your dr.


Melissa - April 15

I am 15 weeks and I have been having the saem problem. I noticed it around the same time as you. With me it is just blurry at a distance, everything else is fine. I ask my doctor at my appointment this week and he said it is quite common and nothing to worry about at all. Just due to hormones. We will both go back to normal once the baby comes!


Heidi - April 15

Good. I don't want to get stuck wearing gla__ses again after wearing coke bottle for 25 years!!!! I'll just deal with it and hope everything corrects itself after the baby is born. I have fine vision up close but at a distance it's definately noticeable, mostly at night.


Beth - April 15

I have contacts and was told that I should not wear them during pregnancy because they sit right on my eyes and that not only does vision chnge during pg but also the shape of your eye sometimes changes (I know VERY strange) so I have been wearing my gla__ses. I cannot wait to get back to my contacts!!


Heidi - April 15

I know a few girls that had a hard time wearing contacts while pg too and they had to quit wearing them because they say your eye does change shape a little. Even when I was on the pill I had a hard time wearing contacts and I eventually quit the pill because of my problem with contacts.


Sarah Anne - April 16

My right eye kinda gets blurred sometimes, and sometimes the left, but close up. I have to rub it and keep rubbing it till I can see out of it clearly. I am 14 wks and was wondering if it was normal. Guess so, eh.


Aisha - April 16

My contacts irritated me right from the start. The nurse midwife noticed my eyes were very dry and suggested i flipped the lens round. I did and i havent had any problems other than tired eyes. My eyes were so dry the lens kept moving behind my eyelid!


To Heidi - April 17

Tell Your DR.


Jbear - April 19

Blurry vision is pretty normal, but if you have high blood pressure or pre eclampsia, you need to mention vision changes to your doc the day you notice them.


Heidi - April 19

My BP is very very low and healthy they said. My vision fluctuates a lot lately and I've been getting a lot of headaches with my pregnancy so I just figure the combination isn't helping much. Ow well.



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