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Melissa - May 4

I'm 20 weeks, and have taken my prenatal vitamins everyday since I was about 5 weeks pregnant...I cannot not swallow pills, I never could, and I've been biting off little pieces of the vitamins and swallowing them. well for the past week and a half or so, I've stopped taken them, I'm sick of them....I've looked and asked my doc about chewable prenatal vitamins and my doc says they don't have them, and I've heard some of the women on here say they've taken the Flinstone Vitamins and was wondering if anyone thinks I could start taking those? and we are talking about the chewable ones right? :-) If anyone could let me know, I would really appreciate it...I was also wondering if it hurts the baby if you don't take vitamins?


Jbear - May 5

My mom has trouble swallowing pills of any sort, so she puts a little bit of margarine on a spoon and sticks the pill into it. She says the margarine makes the pill slide down her throat and keeps her from gagging. You could try that, unless it sounds as gross to you as it does to me. Also, I bought OTC prenatal vitamins until I could see the doc, and then I got the prescription ones and they were much bigger, I had to stick with the smaller OTC ones. Also, I only took prenatal vitamins for a couple of months during my first pregnancy, and my daughter is healthy, tall for her age, and very smart, so I don't think not taking my vitamins affected her much, if at all.


HP - May 5

Try to crush the pill into powder, then mix it with a sweet drink (orange juice, or whatever). Hope it'll help :)


audrea - May 5

I could not take prenatal vitamins since I was 8 weeks due to severe vomiting daily. My OB said that it would not hurt the baby and it is okay in the earlier months as long as I was eating healthy. Since I had taken them for at least one month the OB said it would not hurt to stop taking them until I stopped vomiting so much. Now I will be 18 weeks and can finally keep my food down but those pills are still too hard on my stomach. I was told to switch to the Flinstones vitamins and to take the recommended dose for an adult, as long as they have enough iron in them.


Sarah - May 5

I have the same problem with swallowing pills! I find it easier if I take them with a fizzy drink, that way you don't really feel it sliding down your throat. You just need to put some liquid in your mouth first and then the pill and then loads more liquid and just keep swallowing! This is how I got by to begin with, then the morning sickness just kicked in and it just made me want to gag even more! I now take liquid vitamins, which I mix in with a bit of orange juice - much easier and tastes ok too! The make of Vitamins I use are called Bio Care, they're quite expensive but it's definitely worth it!


Justine - May 5

In England women don't take prenatal vitamins just folic acid for the first three months - they think they can do more harm than good so I would have thought it would be fine if you don't take them at 20 weeks.


Sarah - May 5

I'm from England and I have been taking prenatal vitamins.


Kimber - May 5

Hi Melissa! For those that find it hard to swallow those big ol' horse pills, liquid vitamins are a nice alternative! Sam's Club carried several varieties (as would any health store, I'm sure). You just take a capful a day (tastes kind of fruity, like cranberry). It's readily absorbed into your bloodstream, too, unlike the pills. Give it a try!


Kimber - May 5

...meant to say "Sam's club carries, not carried..." *sigh*


To Melissa - May 5

To swallow big pills, I chew up like a cracker or really any food will do, stick the pill in the middle of the chewed-up wad (I know, sounds gross) and swallow, All you gotta do is pretend its food...Mind over matter, try it!


Julie - May 5

I take the chewables they are called PreCare I also took them with my son 3 years ago. If they don't have them try flinstones.


~S~ - May 5

Why don't you try crushing them and mixing it into orange juice or water or something like that?



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