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C - November 14

I'm finishing 18 weeks and I'd like to show already. I have a definite bump and feel pokes and prodding but the bump only goes up to just below my belly button and then the rest up to under my br___ts looks flabby and soft. Will this be replaced with hardenss or will I get hard and rounded with a big old layer of fat on top!!! (I'm ok everywhere else)


randi - November 14

your uteris hasnt moved up yet it will around 20 and 23 weeks read week by week on amazing pregnancy dot com and it tells you a little


to C - November 14

I bet you'll wake up one day with a big, tight belly pretty soon if you're about to start 19 weeks. Around Thanksgiving perhaps?


Mich - November 15

i am 21 Weeks now and i dont really have much yet either. i personally feel like i can see it but everyone else either tells me they cant see anything or most people dont even know i am preggo till i tell them! i wish i was showing to by now but then when i do ill probably wish i was back to my old self!!! Good luck!


kelly - November 15

sweetie, i'm the same way. my sister who is seven months pregnant and very thin said that her belly was the same way up until the end of her sixth month. then it finally got firm. it just takes a while for your uterus and baby to grow big enough to fill you out and make everything firm. i wouldn't worry about it and just enjoy each moment of your pregnancy!


Amy - November 15

Hi C.. I am sorry but I am just like you. I didn't show until almost 8 months with my first pregnancy (it was painful.. because I was so ready to "look" pregnant). I didn't get the hard tummy until the very end... I am tall and thin and just looked a little round in the middle. ~ I am now 26 weeks pregnant with my second. Currently it depends on what I wear if I look pregnant. The other day I had a tight normal shirt and pair of pants on and a girl I know at church congratulated me (she didn't know I was pregnant). The next day, thinking I totally looked pregnant, I was at a playground with my little one and was talking to another pregnant mom. I told her I was due in February.. she said she didn't even realize I was pregnant! So deflated... ;) lol. However, at the end of your pregnancy you will probably still be in a comfortable state.. when most woman aren't. I guess you have to look at the positives as well! Hope you show soon! xoxox :)



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