Was That My Baby Moving Or Just Gas

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mrs.vegas - February 15

I am 16wks and the other day it felt like the baby kicked me (below my belly button, to the left) so much so that i stopped in mid sentence and went, "OH!" now, i havn't gelt any flutters or anything like that (i did with my daughter though) so was that the baby kicking me, or was it just a big gas bubble?


aliciavr6 - February 15

I couldn't tell either at 16w, soon it will be unmistakeable.


JerseyGirl - February 15

I had the same question, but eventually you realize it's not gas. I never felt any flutters either - it went straight to kicking, which is why I had trouble determining what it was! This is my first pregnancy (am now 23 weeks - first felt it around 19-20).


mrs.vegas - February 15

interesting....i am anxious to feel the baby moving around with out question...but i also know once that does happen consistentley, i'll be kept up at night, and become more and more uncomfortable!! that's okay though! the out come is wonderful!!!


Eileen - February 15

From what I have read...when you first feel the baby you are not actually feeling the baby kick or touch your insides because your uterus does not have the sensory receptors to feel it. What you are feeling is your uterus bumping in to your abdomen or bladder etc. Then when the baby gets big & fills your uterus up so it presses against your abdomen, you feel the baby kicking etc. I am now 20 weeks and what I feel is like fingers softly touching the inside of my abdomen. It's really cool!


aliciavr6 - February 15

Usually, if you feel something, you'll feel it again a few seconds later. That's when I was able to tell it was her. I almost always have felt a few kicks within a minute or two. Lay halfway on your back and your side, they seem stronger and easier to feel that way. Like have your back flat then twist your hips to one side and see if that helps (drink some OJ before!)


squished - February 15

I'm 18w and I've had a few wierd movings around in there and I'm not sure if it was baby or gas either. The last couple of days though I think that maybe it is baby. Once in a while there's almost a little ball feeling in my uterus and I asked the doc is that was the baby flipping around in there and she said that it could be. Who knows :) Soon enough though!


Allisonc79 - February 16

I think if you weren't pregnant and that happened you would be pretty puzzled as to what in the world it was! I think it's your baby, because I felt that same thing a few days ago, at 18 weeks. I did too go OH, and then laughed because it startled me so much. Things like that never happen because of gas.


mrs.vegas - February 16

thanks for the input ladies! i'll try the oj. and it seems any time i feel anything, i'm standing up. i'm sure it does have something to do with the baby, and not gas, now that i think about it allison....thanks again!!



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