Water Discharge

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guest01 - March 13

Hi, I am 19 weeks pregnant. For last few days (2-3) i found that there is some water discharg from my va___a. is it ok or something to worry about? I am under impression that water discharg will start only sometime before labor/delivery. I am having doctor's appointment next week for my 20 wk u/s but i just want to make sure does this need doctor's immediate attention? Otherwise i am perfectly alright and doing good. One more think i have started yoga again before 4 days. Could that be reason?


Vluisam - March 13

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and I can tell you that I am not experiencing the same thing. Make sure that you tell your DR on your next appt.


MNMOM - March 13

I've never heard of this or had this. tell your doctor as he will be able to check if it is actually your bag of waters that is leaking or if it is urine.


AshleyandAverysmom - March 13

I would absoultly call your Dr ASAP, not to freak you out but it could be that your water is leaking and that is not a good thing. It could also just be your bladder leaking, which happens. It did to me. hope that helps


alisonelecia - March 13

I hope this helps: babycenter.com/refcap/pregnancy/prenatalhealth/270 put a w w w dot come in front and dot h t m l at the end.


alisonelecia - March 13

oops, and remove the dash in pregnancy.


guest01 - March 13

Thanks to all.


suze42 - March 13

Guest , I am 21 weeks and experiencing the same thing. I cannot tell if the watery liquied is coming from my v____a or urethra..I just feel wet and when I check my panti-liner (yes I wear everyday) its very damp...no odor no color. I have my appt w/OB tommorrow and plan on asking. I will post what she say.s I read its pretty common to leak urine and this could be why...but I also am scared of it being amniotic fluid. I will check back. Meanwhile callyour ob tomorrow just so she knows. Good Luck


pops - March 15

i had this at 16 weeks im now 25 and still have it dont worrie at all its normal,i worried at the time so much i went up the hospital to get checked out they said alot of pregnant people have it and all it is is just a water discharge


suze42 - March 15

I told my doc at my appt yesterday and she wasnt worried AT ALL!! She kinda laughed and said welcome to the club. I realized that it happens mostly when Im bending, cleaning exerting myself...so im sure its pee...and I never feel anythign coming out v____ally which you would. So, just wearing my panti liners and counting the weeks!!


jen327 - March 15

Wow, totally glad I am not the only one. I seriously don't remember this with my son. The worst is sneezing. OMG I was in a meeting the otehr day and had to pee and stood up to leave and sneezed and totally thought OMG PLEASE don't let me have a wet spot. HA HA HA. So the pantyliner thing is an awesome idea. But before that I had noticed the wetness and was scared it was amniotic fluid. But my DR said it was probably just pee. So wow, another 20 weeks to look forward to and I imagine it only gets worse. LOL


wailing - March 16

leukoria, the normal discharge that pregnant women have isn't watery. It's more thick and maybe whitish, yellow w/ no odor.



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