We Re Having TWINS

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cynthia502 - October 13

Hello ladies - - I will be 14 weeks on Monday. Went for my 1st u/s yesterday and low and behold the tech found 2 babies in there! Yes, we are having twins!!! We are overwhelmingly excited if that makes sense. It's a lot to comprehend, since 2 weeks ago at the dr's office, I heard 1 heartbeat! :-)


mama keya - October 13

Wow Cynthia doesn't that mean babies 4 and 5. Congrats to you, how lucky you are.


cynthia502 - October 13

YES!! That means 4 & 5!!! I am still in shock! But already loving every minute. :-)


Iamamiracleangel - October 13

Holy c___p! Congrats!


mama keya - October 13

I'm so jealous ;>) and I'm so happy 4 you


pomny143 - October 13

OMG!! Congrats! I'm so happy for you! Hope you are feeling ok! Good luck with everything.


Gemini_Girl - October 14

What a lovely surprise - CONGRATS! :)


cynthia502 - October 14

Thanks everyone!! It's a lot to wrap my head around but we are very excited. I guess you never know what's going to happen. Good luck to all you ladies. :-)


Juliebell - October 14

Congrats Cynthia! I am also expecting twins and will be 14 weeks on thursday, it would be great to have someone in the same boat to follow progress with! I remember the shock when we first found out, dh had to sit in the parking lot for a 1/2 hour before he could drive us home!! We are sooo excited! Take care, and again congratulations!!


Astra - October 14

Congratulations! How exciting.


jennifer_33106 - October 15



cynthia502 - October 15

Hey Juliebell! Wow - we are in the same boat. Let's keep in touch so we can compare notes! I posted to you on the twin board. Thanks again to all the other ladies offering congrats! Each morning I wake up I get more and more excited!!!


BriannasMummy - October 15

Congratulations that is fantastic news. Im so happy for your entire family!!! ~Kristin~


Mel Page - October 15

A BIG, HUGE CONGRATS babe I hope and pray that those two little angels of yours will bring you eternity's of love and prosperity!!!!! Love Melony


sahm2alaj - October 15

What a wonderful blessing! CONGRATS!!!


Amyell428 - October 15

OMG Cynthia.....that is amazingly wonderful. That will make 5 kids! WOW...like I said, you were my hero before but now.....WOW! I want all the details. I am so happy for you! Congrats!


cynthia502 - October 15

Welcome to 2nd tri Amy! I couldn't wait to tell you!! It's sooo amazing!



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