Week 13ish Roll Call From Mary

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Mary - April 26

HI everyone! We made it to this thread! Time is passing by so fast, and yet so slow! Please feel free to let us know how things are going, doctor news, tests, moods, morning sickness saga, or anything else! Congratulations to all and a blessed second trimester!


Mary - April 26

I am starting this trimester still being very sick and I have lost 2 lbs in the last month. However, I do have more energy and I am starting to feel my tummy hard below my navel :)! Cool!


jb - April 26

I have been feeling pretty good over all. I think I feel the little ones moving around a little bit but still not completely sure. The 2 biggest problems I have been having is really bad head aches. Also I have been having a lot of cramping in my pelvis and it hurts when I walk. I don't know if I should call the Dr. or not any suggestions?


Lily - April 26

Hey Everyone! I'm 13 weeks exactly today! My nausea is all but gone and now my saga begins with my sleeping and eating schedule...Which should I do more of!?!?!? I started having lower groin pains, which my midwife says is normal with a first pregnancy as my uterus expands...My hubby still sleeps on the couch, I really hate having him sleep there, just because I feel like I'm sending him to the "dog house" for no good reason. My energy is picking up, and my tummy is starting to show...My next appointment will determine the s_x of our first....Good Luck Everyone!


Kim E - April 26

Hello everyone! I'm about 13.5 weeks, since as of last Friday's u/s I am slightly ahead of schedule. It came quicker than I thought. I have been feeling pretty good and I think that my occasional headaches are more related to sinuses and allergies than anything else. My tummy is starting to harden just slightly and I definitely have a little bulge down there. We are having fun trying to guess the s_x, even though we won't be finding out until the baby is born. We are also waiting for the results of the bloodwork that accompanied the nuchal translucency last week - I should know more soon. Congratulations everyone!


Kelly K - April 26

I'm finally feeling somewhat normal. The indigestion has gotten worse though. I'm just happy that I can now put on my bra without screaming. I'll be officially 13 weeks on Friday.


amanda.d - April 26



amanda.d - April 26

sorry about the above but i have been having trouble posting for like a week.Get a drink this will be a long post for me as a lot as gone on.As you all know last week we had a "twin" scare if you want to call it that.LOL!However that is not the case.I found out at my u/s, last tuesday that i was 14 w to the day when i went, which makes me 15w today and due on or around oct.17th ish.I would like to say thanx to all for their support and if you don't hear from me its the trouble with posting again, however i do still read all the threads, just be patient i guess, LOL! Anyways i guess its not as long as i thought but i was checking.By the way i would still like to be on the same thread with you all even though i am a bit further cuz i feel comfy with you girls.Good Luck everyone and i sure hope i can keep posting, missed you guys.


amanda.d - April 26

The baby is 8cm long, and moves around alot.It feels like an air bubble though.I am full of energy and can eat, YAY!


tiffani~ edd 11/07/05 - April 26

Yay!!!!! I made it! Today begins the second trinester for me! :o) If this pregnancy is like my last 2, my nausea will continue until about week 16. Ugh!!!!!


Gina - April 26

Hi Ladies- Sorry to hear for her, but happy to read someone else still feels bad at this point. It's 4 pm and I so badly need a nap. I still can't make it through a work day. My sleep schedule is way off and my stomach is still upset. I too have had some lower pains but my doctor said they had more to do with my bowels. With the prenatal vitamin that my system does not tolerate, gas, and this upset stomach I a__sume she is right. But it still worried me. Just some background- I am 14 weeks and 2 days - but who's counting. Your right, I am. And no, we don't plan to find out the s_x. My husband is curious but I think he enjoys the guessing game. Good luck. I'll be checking in from time to time.


Mary - April 26

jb I have bad headachesm, too - migranes, actually, on my right eye mostly and I am also having pelvic pain to shoots to my back on the right side - I am thinking that if it does not go away in a couple of days I will call my doctor. Amanda.d sorry you are having computer issues and I am glad you will stay with us because your babby can be born within 2 weeks of due date, earlier or later, so you still can have it close to us, it will be within the same month, anyway! Another symptom that is now gone for me is constipation and I am very happy about it!


amanda.d - April 26

Thanx Mary, and you are absolutely right, in fact my son (3 yrs old) was two weeks overdue, lol.I was due aon or around the last day of amy and didn't have him until June 15th.LOL.what luck.oh well, glad to hear all is well.


Dallia - April 26

Hi Girls I am 14 weeks and I have no more nausia, yay. I am also not as tired anymore but I still have to take things a bit easy. I am so happy to be in the 2nd trimester. I am starting to get a but of a tummy but depending on the clothes I wear I either look maybe pregnant or just like ive put on weight.


Liz - April 28

Hi to all - welcome to the 2nd trimester!


elly - April 28

hi, everyone. i'm 14 weeks today and saw the 14 cm baby move on u/s yesterday. i'm feeling much more balanced now and thank god all is well so far. good health to all of us and our babies!


Shanon - April 29

14 cm! Wow! I had an u/s at 12 weeks and my baby was 5.5 cm! Do they grow that fast? How cute! How awesome!



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