Week 14ish Roll Call From Mary

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Mary - May 2

3 and 1/2 months in! How awesome! Are you feeling better? Are you starting to show? Let us know how things are developing and any news you may have!


Mary - May 2

I am still very sick and not showing, but that does not matter. I am so happy I am pregnant! My little one reminds me everyday he is well and happy insde of me! That is why I feel so sick! Love to all!


Kelly K - May 2

I had a scare last week with lower ab pain. I went in to see my doc and everything was ok. He said he'd like to tell me something bigger, but sometimes pregnant women just hurt. So I was happy to see everything was still going strong. I'm 13.3 today!


To Kelly - May 2

I have been having cramps since yesterday night - they are not strong but for some reason I get all worried. I also have pains on my sides and on my lwer right side that shoots into my back - I am a__suming they are all growing pains! :) I do worry, but as long as I do not see bloddy discharge I am keeping my cool! :)


Kelly K - May 2

I think we all get worried over the smallest little pain or twinge. Luckily the docs and nurses are used to it and don't think we're insane!


amanda.d - May 2

Hey guys i am actually 15w6d today.My pants no longer can be b___toned, i have a nasty cold, and am not getting good sleep.But other than that i am fine.I can kinda feel the baby, its kinda like bubbles rolling across my tummy, it's cool.That's it for now, have a good day.


amanda.d - May 2

maybe that should be 15w1d, whatever, i will be 16w tomm.lol.


Melany - May 2

14w5d! still feeling run down... i have a pretty important Dr. appointment on Friday so any and all thoughts and prayers are appreciated!!!


Kim E - May 2

Hello everyone! I'm about 14.5 weeks now and I am starting to have some pretty bad headaches on a regular basis. Other than being pretty tired, that's about it for symptoms right now. I have another appt. this week and I hope to get the results of my nuchal translucency/bloodwork at that appt. I have not gained a whole lot of weight yet but I have gained some and I am starting to show. I am slowly getting back to my healthy eating habits that I had before I was pregnant since I've been pretty lenient since. I think that that will be best for both me and the baby. That sounds so neat, Amanda, about the baby moving - I can't wait! Thoughts and prayers to everyone out there.... Best of luck! Kim E


Lily - May 3

I'm 14 weeks today! Wow time flies! How am I feeling? Okay....my energy is picking up. Still getting heartburn and got a bad cough but all is well. I can hardly wait until my 15 week appointment!


Mary - May 3

Melany my prayers are with you, same to you Kim E, on that NT test :)


jb - May 3

I am 14 weeks today! I had a llittle scare on Friday. I slipped on the hardwood floor and did the spilts. Doesn't help that my uterus is getting bigger because of twins but then to think that I ripped or pulled something. Ends up I strained a muscle in my back and the pain goes all the way on my left side. However, everyone is doing really good. My next appointment will be next week! Good Luck to everyone!


Kim E - May 3

Well, I got the results back from my NT/blood test over the phone today so I won't have to wait for my appt. They were normal and put me in the lowest risk for down's syndrome at 1 in 5000. My risk for trisomy 18 was just as low. I hope that we all get similar results. Mary, I know that your's were similar - are you still having an AFP test? JB, I am glad that you are okay after your fall. I am always rushing around and I fall on occasion but I have read that our babies are very protected inside us. I hope that your back gets better soon!


Mary - May 4

Congrats Kim! I am a__suming the AFP is the Amnio test - well this is the way we rationalized it with hubby- the risk of miscarriage due to an amnio is now way higher than the risk of a kid with Down or Trisomy - so why risk it? I am having an ultrasound at 18 weeks to check the baby looks ok and a further blood test for spina bifida at that time. No amnio! Besides the simple thought of the test gives me the creeps! I am so glad the NT test is now available to all, it has spared my belly from a big needle! On other news, I am still so sick all the time, I am starting to fear I may be one of those mommies to be that will remain sick thru the months ahead ... :( No matter! I am happy anyway, I am preggers!


Kim E - May 5

Mary, the AFP test (Alpha Fetal Protein test) is a blood test that tests for Down's, spina bifida, and abdominal wall defects. It is usually done around 18 weeks or so and is probably the test you are having. I never even considered have an amnio, mostly because I am 31 and my risk is somewhat low still. With the NT results what they are, I will definitely not have it. The problem with AFP is that there are so many false positives and I don't want to be given a reason to worry that winds up being unwarranted. I will likely still have it because my doctor reccomends it and I'll just be aware that the results could be wrong. I am glad that I did the NT, though - it's much less invasive than an amnio. Time to go but I hope that you feel better real soon! I am just so tired because I am only getting about 6 hours of sleep a night right now and still driving about 200 miles a day for my job. It's exhausting. I do have an appt. tomorrow morning, though, and I am looking forward to that!


lisa - May 5

mary i too am sick all the time still. with my boys i was sick a while too. i just wish this would give up...i am hungry and really need to get housework done. i feel like i can do nothing.


Mary - May 5

Lisa! I know exactly how you feel! Let me know when you start feeling better. Kim, thanks for the explanation on the AFP, I heard the false positives for women over 35 are about 25%! Amanda, you already feel the baby? How awesome! Anyway, I am cooking some hashed browned potates for me, gotta go check on them!



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