Week 15th Roll Call From Mary

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Mary - May 9

I have a belly! I have a belly! That is my news of the week. I am still very sick and very tired, but I can tell now I have a little one inside of me! Quickening is being estimated to happen in about 20 more days! This week I have another prenatal and I just got results from my Jewish profile test - I am negative on all counts, I have no genetic diseases that can be transmitted to my little one - hmmmm, perhaps I am not a true Jew then! :) Anyway, I hope you are all doing fine and are a excited as me about reaching week 15! Have any of you started buys baby stuff yet?


amanda.d - May 9

Well i will be 17 weeks tommorow.I have a tiny belly, can fell baby moving (kinda like gas but cooler)lol.I have not gained a pound, thank goodness, i was slightly over weight so i am losing that weight and with the baby gaining i am not moving on the scale, YAY!!I already have baby stuff from my son (3 yr old).I only have to buy a crib matress (the other one's on the toddler bed), a crib set, and odds and ends.I am getting the itch to buy tiny diapers but i know it's too soon.We are gonna start renos on the bedroom down stairs ( for my daughter 10) and get the other bedrooms ready for baby and 3yr old.It should be fun.Anyways thats bout it, oh tommorow i go for my maternal serum test (checks for downs syndrom), however i am not worried as i hear alot about false positives, so i am casual about it.Hope everyone else is doing great.


amanda.d - May 9

Sorry should say OUR daughter LOL!


Kelly K - May 9

I'm still feeling good. I have a bit of a belly myself now and can no longer roll over in bed without feeling like there's a ball still sitting on one side. I have a prenatal visit on the 17th and then the next appointment will be S Day (s_x day) so I can finally find out what I'm having. I'm hoping for a boy though.


Mel J - May 9

15 weeks, 4 days!!! Feeling pretty well! I can't believe how big my belly has become in the last weeks. No quickening here either... can't wait though! I have a Dr. appt. on June 6th and I'm scheduled to have a detailed ultrasound so.... we will probably find out if it's a boy or a girl!!! I can't wait to go shoppin'! What is everyones baby's heart rate currently running? Last Friday ours was 176! Seems really fast but maybe it's just me?!? Good luck to all!


Kim E - May 9

I have a belly, too, and I am mostly switching over to maternity clothes now, except for a few pairs of pants that still fit. We actually registered this weeked (boy, was I overwhelmed!) because we are going to be back on the East Coast where I am from in late May and since it'll be our only time back there during my pregnancy, my Dad is holding a baby shower for us for family and close friends. We'll have another small one in CA where we live this summer but will not get to see most of our family and friends from back East. I loved all of the great stuff out there but it took a while for it all to register. I had an appt. last week and my Doctor thought it was cute that I had a belly and commented that because I am so short, I will most likely get pretty big. We'll see.... I have an anatomy u/s on the 23rd where we can find out the s_x but we are going to wait and be surprised, as tough as that will be, I'm sure. It's good to hear from everyone! Have a great week!


sonie - May 10

i like 15 weeks the best so far!


Mary - May 11

Wow! We are all approaching our detailed utrasound test - I am having mine done at 18 weeks or so and I do want to find out the s_x of the baby. For the first time yesterday I had a dream that I think included my baby - it was a girl and she was about 3-4 yrs old. But then again, it could have been my sister, too, when she was younger. In any case, my gut feeling tells me we are having a boy. So I have to wait the weeks, and then see! Much baby feel goods to all!


Mary (Again) - May 12

I just came back from my prenatal - baby's heart beat is at 160 bpm :) How cute. All is fine - My u/s will be in 3 weeks :)


jb - May 13

Well, I had my dr's appointment yesterday and everything looks and sound great. 2 little but strong heartbeats are both still there. I also found out that I strained a ligament off of my uterus when I feel 2 weeks ago so I still have to take it easy. Other than that everything is going great. Next appointment is a 2 hour ultrasound!


to JB from Mary - May 13

Sorry to hear about your ligament, but happy to know everything is good. You are having a 2 hour u/s is that normal/standard? Or do you like in a place/country where things are done differently? :)



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