Week 16ers

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cassandra c. - June 18

Hi everyone! Just checking up to see how we are all doing during this 16th week. I am 16w 3 d today (June 18) feeling LOTS of movement... hehe I love being pregnant!


Kimmy - June 18

I am 16 weeks tommorrow, and i havnt felt anything at all yet ... i'm starting to get alittle worried !!!


Christy - June 18

Well, I'm 17 weeks today, not 16, so I hope you don't mind me putting in my two cents. I am loving the second trimester, although week 15 had a lot of digestive discomfort I didn't expect, but it improved last week. I think I am starting to feel the baby now. It started Thursday, and I've felt it a few times each day since then. My mom, being the self-proclaimed expert that she is, thinks I am wrong and that it is too early to feel the baby move. I totally disagree, because I know people who've felt it ealier than me, and it definitely is not gas. I just know, you know? :) She also thinks I am wrong in saying that I am four months pregnant (so how many months is 17 weeks then, Mom?) Ugh. She means well, somehow. It's just annoying at times. Anyway, happy baby flutters to you all, and have a great weekend!


Sarah - June 19

Hey kim im 16 weeks tom and just so you know your not the only one who is worried i havent felt any movement either well not that i am aware of.


Kimmy - June 19

I think i felt some fluttering last week, but since i havnt felt anything since i'm beginning to doubt that it was the actual baby. I am due Dec 5th, and I think i have just recently developed the sickness, and it is usually in the morning when my stomach is pretty much empty. I cant wait to start really feeling the baby move, i think it'll make me feel alot less nervous :)


Lynn - June 19

I am 16 weeks 5 days. I just started feeling the baby move too. Its not very regular though, Yesterday he(?) moved all over the place and today not too much. My husband too tells me that it is too early to feel the baby move.. But my doctor asked me this past thursday & said that usually his patients start to feel something around 16 weeks. Anyone take the AFP test yet? I tiik mine on thursday & the nurse said that if I don't hear anything from her by the middle of this week then everything was o.k.


Michele - June 19

Christy - I love your comments about your mother. This is my first baby at the age of 34. My husband and I have decided to wait to tell both our parents. I am currently a week 13 and we are hoping to get to week 23 before we tell our family. One, because of your very response and two, we just want to enjoy these months before our families start sharing their opinions on the whole process. Like you stated, I know our parents mean well but they are really a controlling family with strong opinions. Keep smiling and congratulations.


Christy - June 19

Lynn- I'm taking the quad marker screen tomorrow. I wasn't going to initally, but I changed my mind. I'm a little nervous, but not taking it is not going to change whatever answers may (or may not) come of it. Michele- I wish we could keep a secret from our families that long, but I talk to my mom too much to keep anything this big from her- and I am terrible at keeping stuff to myself. Also, I am 31 and this is the first grandchild on both sides of the family- very big deal to both sets of grandparents-to-be. I had another fine moment with my MIL a few weeks ago. She has offered us my father-in-law's 64 year old ba__sinet that has lived in her sister-in-law's attic for who-knows-how-many-years. Now I mind you that she got rid of my husband's crib realizing that cribs may have different safety standards in the future, but somehow thought the old ba__sinet was a fine and safe addition to our future nursery. I know, I know. She is trying to be helpful, and I think, frugal. I was nice about it and it hasn't come up since, but it sort of boggled my brain. I guess this kind of stuff will keep coming up, so I better be quiet and just get used to it. If I was smart like Michele, I would have waited until 23 weeks to tell our families and would not have to hear all of their opinions for six more weeks! LOL!


KarenY - June 20

Hi i'm 16w 3d today (June 20th) but I can only feel some fluttering, no kicking yet. Still having some digestive discomfort but it's better than the nausea I had earlier on. :) Will find out the gender of the baby next month & I'm enjoying my 2nd trimester as well. :)


Sarah - June 20

kim.I thought i felt a big flutter last wek and was sure it was baby as it caught me off guard not when i was laying and hoping to feel something. I am also due dec 5th. I havent had any sickness but been suffering with really bad headaches had to take today off work as heat in the kitchen is making them worse i think. Are you showing yet? Do you ever get pains down below?People tell me its growing pains but as this is my first pregnancy i still worry


KRW - June 20

I will be 16weeks on Thursday and don't really feel pregnant, just fat. Some days I look pregnant and then the next day it's like my uterus dropped back down. This is totally different than when I was preg with my daughter. Maybe it's a boy, my husband would be happy. He said if I have another girl he's moving to the barn :)


Michele - June 20

Christy - too funny! On my side of the family, this will be the first grandchild. I just can't handle my parents right now. <<big smiles>> Amazing with the crib story. Just recently, my mother-in-law stated, "you know Michele, that in the Orthodox faith that the baby cannot come out of the house for 40 days and you must stay at home with your baby for 40 days." Keep in mind she still does not know we are pregnant. I have already told my husband that I will not stay locked up in our house for 40 days for some silly old belief. We spoke to our orthodox priest and this 40 day rule holds for not bringing the baby to the church for 40 days and not for having the baby leave the house for 40 days. This is the type of stuff that is going to drive me crazy. Controlling families on both sides --- but again like you stated --- they mean well and they love us with all their heart and soul. However; it does not make this type of discourse any easier. I did just leave my doctors office and they seem to believe that I will not be able to hide the pregnancy to the 23 week. Well --- we will see I guess. Continue to share your stories - I enjoy hearing them! Have a great week! Michelle


MrsShabby - June 22

Hello - it is Christy. There is another Christy on the board, so I thought it'd be easier to change names. Michelle- I think we need to start a "our families are driving us nuts" thread. That is too funny about the 40-day thing! My mom told me that she didn't think that it was a good idea that I get in the pool for a continuing ed course I am going to this weekend (it is on aquatic therapy.) I know lots of women who practically lived in the pool during their pregnancies and their kids turned out fine. Where do they get these things? My husband thinks that their generation just doesn't have a strong grasp on science and health. He's right, don't you think?


Michele - June 22

You got it Mrs Shabby aka Christy. I am lucky that my father is a active and really healthy. So once he finds out that I am expecting - he will not try to stop me working out, biking and lifting weights. Keep in mind - I am keeping my heartrate in a safe range of 135 and under though I am sure, like you husband stated, about their generation not having a strong grasp of health and science will hold true with my mother and my in-laws. I am sure that they will try to control my every move. Ahhh....this is what is really concerning me. I will try to smile every step of the way though :) Have fun swimming - I will definitely try this later on in my pregnancy when I get a bit larger. Until that time period, I will continue biking and my spin cla__ses until my body cannot or will not handle it. Look forward to hearing some more of your mom stories! Take care ~



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