Week 16ish Roll Call From Mary

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Mary - May 16

No news this week - all is fine with baby. As usual I am still sick daily but have more energy than before. My belly has popped put for sure now, everyone can tell I have a baby brewing in there! In 16 more days I (hopefully) will kow the s_x of the baby! What about you? Any news? How are you felling? Share!


amanda.d - May 16

I know i am two weeks ahead (18 tommorow). I am felling good, baby is moving around.I am not going to find out the s_x, i like the element of surprise.I am getting excited and wish i was 38 weeks instead but oh well all good things take time.I won't have another u/s until i am 27 weeks or around there.My doc appt is on the 24th of may and i can't wait to hear the heart beat again, its exciting.That's about it for me.


to amanda.d - May 16

Mary here. When did you first start feeling your baby move? Is this your first? You may have answered these, but I forgot ... sorry! :)


amanda.d - May 16

Mary, it was around week 16ish, it felt like gas bubbles but i knew it wasn't, it just felt different.Also to feel it kick i had to lay flat on my back and rest.I can not feel it outside yet only inside.Also this is my fourth and final.Its still exciting even though i've been there three times before,lol.


Mari - May 16

I think I'm 15 or 16 weeks, me belly is just starting to round but not anything that is noticeable under my med. scrubs yet.... luckily I'm not popping out just yet. I haven't had any morning sickness except when I brush y teeth (for some reason I gag just thinking about putting that toothbrush in my mouth. I did start "leaking" (lactating, whatever it is) already but luckily its not a reoccuring thing (just every one in a while). I will know the s_x of the baby in 4 days (doc said we'll know if the baby is positioned right we'll be able to tell). Have you felt baby move yet?


Dallia - May 16

Hi Girls I am 17 weeks today and every few days I feel some flutters. never when I am expecting it or concentrating on it.I still don't look pregnant and people are suprised when I tell them. I just look and feel like a fat dairy cow. All b___bs.


Jen - May 17

Hi everyone!! 15 weeks now and for sure feeling the baby move! I feel little taps on my bladder and some squirmy feelings in my belly. Pretty cool! This is my 2nd child. Im still a little tired and now get heartburn and frequent headaches. Otherwise I can't wait till this is over with!


jb - May 17

I am feeling pretty good 16 weeks tomorrow. I am starting to feel the twins move here and there. I feel like I am huge. I have only gained 5 lbs. but i look like I am 6 months with a singleton. I am really enjoy this pregnancy and can't wait to meet them.


Mel J - May 17

16 w, 5 d, feelin' pretty good! my energy still isn't 100% but it's better! 20 days until we find out the baby's s_x! CAN'T WAIT!!!


Kelly K - May 17

Things here are great. I felt the baby moving around for the first time last night. It's a bit weird, but awesome at the same time. I have a doc appointment today to do the usual prenatal stuff. I'm so tired of peeing in cups!!!! Other than constipation and weird eating habits, everything is going along smoothly. I'm ready for the next appointment when we do my 20 week scan so I can finally found out the s_x of the baby.


Lily - May 17

16 weeks today...WOOHOO. My belly is now showing. In less than 3 weeks we'll find out the gender of our first. Does anyone have a "feeling" they are having a specific gender? I would like to have a boy...but the more I think about it, the more I keep thinking, "no...it's definitely a girl." Who knows, maybe my scatterbrained mind can't make a decision! LOL...Ligament pains are getting pretty busy now too...Had me doubling over last night a few times...I'm feeling more flutters when i'm still or trying to relax...My hubby can hardly wait to feel the baby kick...He thought it did once...But I had to burst his bubble and tell him that was just my gut...Poor guy. Is anyone elses husband as excited about their wife's pregnancy as mine is?? Congrats Everyone!


Kim E - May 19

Hi everyone! Just got back from a weeklong sales meeting - so tired! I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow and have an appt. on Monday for another u/s where they'll start to measure the bones, etc. We will not be finiding out the s_x. I also went for my AFP test last week and will hopefully get the results at this visit. I am definitely showing but to some it may just look like I have gained a few pounds. I have not felt the baby move yet but I hope that that is coming. In response to Lily's question, my husband is extremely excited about the pregnancy and is anxiously waiting for that first movement or kick. We can't wait!


To Lily - May 20

When is your due date? I am 16 weeks and mine is 10/30 to 11/1. I went for U/S yesterday but they could not tell me because of baby position. That's what they told me but I have feeling that it's girl and I would like to have a Boy because I have a princess at home who is 2 years and 7 months. Just prying to god and hopping next month they tell me it's a BOY:)



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