Week 19th Roll Call

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Mary - June 6

Weeks seem to pass so fast in this website! One more week or so and we will all be smacked in the middle of our pregnancies, how cool is that????? I told my hubby this business of being preggers should be shared - I got the first 20 weeks, he should take care of the next 20! Oh well, I am feelling great nowadays, no more morning sickness and I have a healthy appet_te! I am going for my monthly prenantal appt this week, and will try to get my doctor to schedule another u/s ... :) Good luck to you if you are having your u/s this week! Let us know your news!


AP - June 6

I fell much well now... I did not have any morning sickness but used to be whole day sick. I am having my u/s on June 29th. I hop I will know that s_x of the baby... Other then else everything is fine... Wish me luck for U/S and whatever I want I will see in that u/s


Kelly K - June 6

Everything is trucking right along for me. The baby seems to love it when I go swimming. He relaxes a lot and then kicks the c___p out of me when I get out and sit down. I go for my ultrasound next Tuesday. We should be able to tell the s_x then and I'm really hoping for a boy!


AP - June 6

Good Luck Kelly K... Let us know! I am also hopping for a BOY but whatever it is we love our little one inside me...


lisa - June 6

well i went shopping for this little girl over the weekend. had a blast. still throwing up.....wish it would give up and let me eat. feeling baby move more...more at night time....i agree mary about men sharing. anyone know what they are doing the baby room in?? we are gonna do sesame street.


PMOLSON - June 6



Mary - June 6

Lisa, I was thinking of doing the room on a science and art theme. The idea for us is a room in which a baby can grow into and not out of. So far is been a challenge to come up with stuff, but we have a small collection going already. I guess we are geeks to the core!


lisa - June 6

my boys are totally in to the tv charaters. my oldest has changed his mind a huge amout of times, but so boyish spiderman batman any superhero. and my twins love blues clues and all of the others. so we figure we will end up changing in a few years anyway...lol....mary have you found bedding for that kind of theme??


Kim E - June 6

I have my next u/s on June 20th so that they can do an more in-depth anatomy scan since they did not get all of the measurements they wanted last time. No real problems so far, though, and I've been feeling well. Still pretty tired but that's probably a combination of my work schedule and the pregnancy. Was back East last week where I grew up and so we had an early baby shower then since we won't see most of our family and friends in the Northeast until after the baby is born. We'll have another smaller shower here in CA later this summer. There are so many adorable things out there! Other than that, I am just waiting for the baby to start moving around in there - I can't wait to feel my first kick! Have a great week, everyone!


Tina - June 7

I am 19 wks 2 days today and i found out the s_x of my Bubs.............................Bubs is a girl. yay


Mary - June 7

Tina! Congratulations! :) A little princess for you then! Awesome. Lisa, I am going to make the crib skirt myself and will not use a bumper (SIDS paranoid here!) I will get some solid color sheets and I am knitting an afghan for the crib as well. The skirt will be again a challenge, maybe a print with musical notes will do!


Lisa - June 7

congrats tina....so who is next for the us?? mary i looked somewhere that had a baby sac that helped prevent sids. i will look and see where i found and give you the web site.


Kim E - June 7

Congratulations, Tina! I won't have any news as to the s_x of the baby until I deliver so it will be a long time before I have news but it's still fun to guess. Mary, I was reading about crib bedding last week and I have done a good amount of research on it. I plan on just having the baby in the crib on a fitted crib sheet. The sleep sacks are great since they'll be warm without having to use any kind of a blanket. It all seemed strange to me at first but the less that's in the crib, the better, I suppose. I plan to hang the comforter that comes with my set on the wall as a decoration.


Mary - June 7

Lisa, thanks I will wait for the info on the Sac! Kim E, I am glad you are with me, girl! Most of my family and friends are giving me a hard time with the bumper thing! They think the crib will look too bare! I got an awesome crib from my brother, who's little girl never slept on it (she liked the pack and play and later she slept with them and then directly on her own real bed!) The crib needs nothing but a baby in it, I think! :) BTW, the room is decorated for a girl (the prior owners had one) so it is pink and beautiful. I will not make any major changes but getting a new carpet and hanging things on the walls and windows, just in case it is a girl! You know, I am so happy I realized I have no preference for the s_x of the baby, while at the same time no matter the s_x I will be a bit disappointed it is not the other! :) How funny! I am also so glad to have you to talk to online, it makes the day pa__s faster!


AP - June 7

congrats tina... My u/s is on 29th june. I went for routine check up and everything is fine Baby heart rate is 150. Good luck to all.


Kim E - June 8

Mary, I personally like the look of the whole crib set-up too, but in all of the research I have done, it appears as if it is reccomended to have newborns sleep with as little as possible. Yes the crib will look bare for a while but that is okay. My brother just had a baby last October and he still sleeps that way. There are other ways to decorate the room and I plan to do that. I registered for a sailboat pattern which is mostly blue and white but has some yellow, green, and pink in there too. I think that we may paint the walls yellow so it doesn't look too masculine if it's a boy but we'll see what works best. Right now the baby room is still a guest room and so we need to get that furniture out first. Can't wait to start decorating!


Mary - June 9

Good news! My little one was so asleep during the u/s that the technichian was not able to see the whole heart so I am having another u/s on July 15! :) A second chance to perhaps get to know the s_x of the baby!



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