Week 21 Roll Call

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Mary - June 20

Another week gone by! This has been a quiet week, with the exception of kicks and tugs I can now feel! Also, we celebrated Father's day for the first time! I hope you are all doing well and happy and feeling good! Post here any news of lack thereof! :)


littlemrsb - June 20

I am 21 weeks today! Had an appointment and listened to my little girl's heartbeat again... she gave the doppler a good swift kick! :) LOL LOVING being pregnant right now, but the moments of uncomfortableness are just beginning. Good luck to everyone! :)


Kim E - June 20

Hello! I started off my week with a really bad face first fall while I was out jogging with my dog and although I know I'm clutzy, I was trying very hard to avoid something like this happening. The good news is that I had an u/s appt. today and everything appears to be fine - I'll just need to be more careful from now on and stick to brisk walking - this was a big wake up call! After a bit of trying they were able to determine the s_x of the baby at my u/s and they put the picture and the s_x in an envelope for me. Right now it is hidden but I am considering checking it out if my husband agrees to. I want to do the same for the 2 children we plan to have and so we will either wait for both or take a special night just for us each time and bring the envelope with us so that we can have our surprise at a special dinner, etc. I so badly want to be surprised in October but it might be nice to share in the surprise at a place that is special to both of us. Can you tell I'm ready to cave? The baby is starting to move around a little but it's still pretty slight. And my triple screen came back negative when I got my results today. All in all, it was quite a day. Sorry for such a long note - I hope that you all have a great week!


Mary - June 21

Kim E! I am so sorry to hear about your fall! I am also a big clutz so I understand where you are coming from! :) How awesome that you got the s_x of the baby news in an envelope! if you decide to reveal that info, let is us know what it is! :) i am happy for you and I can only imagine how hard it must be to have the info and not take a peak! :)


Jessy - June 24

I am new to this board and I am 21 weeks. I am so happy to have a baby!


lisa - June 24

hi jessy...when is your due date?? do you know the s_x of you baby yet? not having a real good week i still get sick at times. i wish i could eat and eat and eat. on the upside she is moving around lots. hope everyone else is doing well.


sophia - June 24

I'm having a girl as well and my 21st week just started. She's moving her legs a lot and I get so excited whenever she kicks!


KKKP - June 30

Where are you mary? I haven't seen your 22 week roll call?


lisa - June 30

i was thinking the same thing....hope you are feeling well.



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