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confused - November 11

I'm having trouble figuring out how many months i am. I know that i am 17 1/2 weeks along. But what month would that put me in?


depends - November 11

If you're counting lunar months, of which there are 10, you're about in the middle of your fifth lunar month (i.e., 4 & 1/2 lunar months). If you're counting calendar months, you'll be starting your fifth month (same: four months & counting) in a half week. Hope that helps.


Emy - November 11

For 'pregnancy" purposes, the what to expect book has the 5th month starting week 18.


Brittany - November 11

okay so if im 20 weeks today how many months am i?


bean - November 11

Something I did to solve this prob is write down my due date, and then count back each month. So I'm due 4/27, at which point I'd be 9 months. Therefore on 3/27 I'm 8 months, 2/27 I'm 7 months, etc. On 11/27 I'll be 4 months, which puts me today at 3 and a half months, although I'm 16 weeks. Just my own math... but it works for me.


Tess - November 11

Your 4 mos and almost 2 wks pregnant.


Tess to Brittany - November 11

if your 20 wks pregnant that equals to 5 mos. 1 month = 4 wks 4x5= 20 wks


Marlene - November 11

this is what i go by. Woman are pregnant for 10months not nine. 4 into 40 is 10. so that would make you 4months you will be 5months at 20wks.that is what i go by.hope i helped


to Marlene - November 11

Actually that's true only accord to the moon, as depends stated above. "Calendar" months are longer than exactly four weeks. Not by many days, but after months of a few extra days here & there, it really adds up.


Lindsay - November 13

LOL I think they count in weeks to torture us! I give up! When I want to know months, I count backwards from my due date, and I have my weeks memorized. Forget math and moon months, I can barely find where I put my keys :(


anita - November 13

if you count the time from your last mp to your due date, you get 9mons &1wk. my last mp was on the 10th, so on the 10th of every month, i'm another month preggy. i like counting wks b/c i want to know every little stage my baby's going through, but if you want to know months, its easier to do the method i mentioned above.


to Lindsay - November 13

I agree. Most of this counting stuff drives me nuts when it gets down to such specifics. If I know in-and-around what stage I'm at, it seems to be just fine. Especially since after you're halfway through pregnancy, babies begin growing at their own rate anyway. Just like babies outside the womb.


Terra - November 16

20wks is starting your 5th month, my doc told me to count out every 4 wks, and if I count out from Thurs (tomorrow) I start my 21st week, then on my due date I am exactly 40wks.. so I've stuck to that, it is confusing early on because your so eager to GET there



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