Weeks To Months Conversion

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jenn - March 30

I'm 14 weeks today. So am I three months pregnant or 2 and a half ? (conception was the first week in January) What do you guys say when people ask ?


BBK - March 30

If you're in the US, it counts from the first day of your LMP. Why? since the egg is such a big part of the embryo we count the pregnancy since the beginning of the egg formation. That would make you exactly 3 months. You are now just entering the 4th month and the second trimester. Congratulations!


M - March 30

Jenn good question. I am also 14 weeks and thought that I was 3 and a half months pregnant. I thought that 13 weeks was the start of your fourth month. But I guess I was wrong. At what week do you start your fouth month? Somebody help me understand.


Tiffany - March 30

It is very confusing I personally go by weeks until I hit 4 months or so which is going by your lmp eg. lmp Nov. 8th so I will be 5 mo. on the 8th of April or 21 weeks and 4 days. The reason it's so different is because they say 9 months but it's 40 weeks well unless all months only had 28 days a perfect 4 weeks it will not add up right.


Nicole - March 31

Find out your due date! Say if it is August 9th (like me) on the 9th of every month I say I am another month pregnant.


rae - April 1

I'm also 14 weeks and the Doc said i'm starting my 4th month, and 2 trimester.


Kay - April 1

i am confused now ,i am 16 weeks and i am told i am on my fourth month


Vina - April 1

Kay, thats right. 14-18 weeks is the fourth month.


jenn - April 1

Ok - now I'm really confused. I'm 14 weeks - when people ask, I should say that "I'm three months pregnant" (b/c most non-preg people don't like the weekly thing) ? Or should I say, "I'm in my 4th month?" When do I say 4 months ? - at 16 weeks or 18 weeks ?


MONICA - April 1

I know this is very confusing. I am 22 weeks in reality end of april I will be starting my 6 months. I am due end of july so I would have 3 months left. I feel like I have been 5 months (starting week 20) for 2 months already.


e - April 1

at the end of your 12th week you are 3 whole months pregnant. Your 13th week is the beginning of your 2nd trimester, or 4th month.


M - April 1

So at 14 weeks should we say that were 3 and a half months?


e - April 1

You could say that


Tifffany Stafford - April 4

yes I think your correct


tiffani - April 4

4 weeks=1 month 8 weeks=2 months 12 weeks=3 months 16 weeks=4 months etc etc etc..... All the above are at the end of the week. For example, at the end of your 4th week, you are 1 month pregnant.


joni - April 17

You are about 3 months


Heather - April 17

just say weeks to avoid confusion lol... like im entering my 6th month but im not 6 months gone yet..



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