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Keli - February 11

I am just about to start my 17th week. I have gained 19 lbs! I am just so hungry, and so tired. I dont have much energy. I do elementary PE, so I am somewhat active all day. But not like I used to be. Over the summer, I played indoor soccer and co-ed softball, I tore the cartlidge in my knee. I had an MRI and had my surgery scheduled for december, but when I learned I was pregnant, I had to cancel my surgery. My knee doesnt hurt, too much. But it doesnt function 100%. I cant bend or straighten it all the way. So my activity level is limited. I can cycle. But I've been so tired lately.... Has anyone else gained this much weight? I cant keep this up. I am hoping I'll start to feel better, and wont be so tired.


Shannon - February 13

I gained 10 lb's in my first month. Now at 5 Months I way a whoppint 200 lbsat 5'11'', a 55lb gain since this summer when I was a skinny and active 145 lbs. I think it had alot to do with the reasons you listed, mostly the lack of energy, as well as nerves. I as well was much more active before I became pregnant. The worst about the weight gain is that my body is not used to all the extra weight, and I have alot of new achs and pains to deal with. Bending over is a chore. I have since joined a prenatal exercising cla__s to try to get my weight under control. Chances are your hospital provides these clases as well, I strongly suggest that you join before you are as out of control as I am. They are very helpful but not too strenuous. One thing is for sure, as soon as this is over with I'm going to have alot of weight to loose. Good Luck!


Shae-lynn - February 13

Hi Keli! I'm in the same boat as you. I am 17 w and 3 d and have gained 16 pounds already! I got weighed today and was shocked! I am always hungry like you and I crave carbs like toast and pasta all the time. Doctor said not to worry and it'll slow down soon! Are you wearing maternity clothes yet?


Keli - February 14

I cant do the prenatle aerobics cla__ses, because of the torn cartlidge in my knee. No twisting, turning, bouncing or jumping. I am a pe teacher, and I wear sweats/windpants all the time. So for the most part, I am not in all maternity clothes yet. But I am working in that direction!!!


EM - February 15

I am 14 weeks and have only gained 1 pound but this is my second and with my first by this time I had gained I think about 10 pounds and got harra__sed by the midwife through my whole pregnancy. I ended up gaining 65 pounds altogether with him (35 of which came off the first week I was home!) This time I'm trying to do better. I saw the midwife and I told her that I had only gained 1 lb and that I was going to Curves 4x/week and do you know what she said!!! "yeah, lets try not to feed the baby so much this time!" Can't believe that b****! PLUS, she's FAT and has NO KIDS!!!! I wanted to ask her who she was trying to feed but I can't bring myself to be that mean. We ARE going to have a talk next appt though.


tjane - February 16

Girl I am 17 1/2 weeks and I have gained 27 lbs already!!!! At my appointment Monday I had gained 10 lbs in the last 4 weeks! I was crying! The midwife told me to cut back sweets if I am eating them but still snack when I am hungry, I said "oh please dont tell me that!!!" Because I will continue to do so. I am not able to pick up exercising though because I am already having problems with swelling.... Good luck....I am definately hittin weight watchers ASAP after birth.....


S - February 16

EM I would consider a new midwife. You don't need some nasty piece of work yelling at you all through your pregnancy, and you do need to eat well. I am 16 weeks and have gained 4 lbs. I am not terribly hungry, most foods don't interest me at all, and often after I eat my stomach is upset for about 20 minutes. However my stomach has grown out of pants that were 1 size too big for me before pregnancy and I am in maternity pants. I don't know quite how that much expansion without weight gain is possible :)



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