Weight Concerns And Small Issues

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MuzikGurl - June 30

Hi, I am currently 16 weeks I will be 17 weeks on Monday but, I have noticed before I was pregnant I weight between 312 and 315lbs. when I got pregnant I noticed I have lost up until today I have lost approx. 10lbs. I was told to gain at least 15 lbs. my main concern is I eat everything that has alot of calories and I eat alot of things that are very nutrious too I balance it all out. but, why am I not gaining the weight I was told I should have gained at least 2 lbs. but unfortunately I have been losing weight. I have not been working out at all I do very little during the day I drink lots of water, juices, tea and I eat very well but, I want to gain weight I am concern if I am hurting the baby because my body won't gain the weight, I wish I could have lost the weight like this before I got pregnant but, it was impossible and now that I am all of a sudden my body wants to lose the weight. I also, am wondering if anyone else is having salvia issues in the morning my spit seems very thick and it makes me gag really bad to the point I am throwing up but nothing comes up because I have an empty stomach this morning I gaged so many times I started spiting up blood but it was very small so I ignored it but it hurts so bad...has anyone else gone through this?? Also, how do you all deal with sleeping at nights I go to bed between 9pm and 11pm and by 2 or 3am I am tossing and turning and I just can't get comfortable and I know it's bothering my husband alot but, I can't help it I tired the body pillow thing it doesn't work at all...I tried differeny positions, I tried drinking milk or eating something, I get really warm at nights too and I have two fans on me on high a ceiling fan and the a/c is running and I'm sleeping naked with barely a sheet on me I tried a cold rag but nothing works any ideas on how to make this a little bit easier??? I am open to any ideas....thanks for everything!


olivia - June 30

Hi. I am not quite in the same situation but maybe can ease your mind. I am 15 weeks and gained no weight so far. I was not overweight to begin with and the doctors are not the slightest bit concerned. It was the same with my first baby and at the end of the pregnancy I had gained 20lbs (which was my target). As long as your baby is measuring correctly at your appointments then it is growing fine. You will gain weight as your pregnancy progresses, you still have 23 weeks! You won't have to gain your ten back and then 15 more, they will just want you to gain some weight as things progress with a total of about 10-15 lbs over your lowest weight during pregnancy. Eating healthy during pregnancy can often spark weight loss, and unless your doctor is showing concern, you should be happy with where you are at. Talk to your doctor if you are really concerned about it. For your weight category you won't hurt the baby even if you don't gain any weight, just make sure you are eating healthy and taking your prenatal vitamin. As for the spitting up blood, you should talk to your doctor, you might have an ulcer or something going on you should have checked. And for sleeping solutions -- hit the couch! I find the couch is the perfect pregnancy sleep aid. It holds your body on it's side and cradles your back so you have support and don't have to hold your body to the side. If you have a comfy couch you should try it. It especially helps later in pregnancy! Good luck to you.


venus_in_scorpio - June 30

i have heard that a lot of plus-size moms-to-be tend to lose weight during pregnancy because you're eating healthier than before. Just make sure you tell your doctor and theyll make sure your baby is developing OK. If you are eating healthy and taking vitamins I wouldn't worry too much about the weight loss....


CaliTrish - June 30

Hi...I wouldn't worry about weight gain this early on. The suggested weight gain for a woman of average pre-pregnancy weight is 25-35 lbs - 1lb/month the first trimester then 1lb/week for the next 6 months. Since your doc only wants you to gain ~15lbs, expect to gain that in the last 15 weeks or so. In the early stages, your body is burning extra calories to produce more blood and increase b___st tissue as well as nurture a developing fetus. As long as the baby's growth is on track, I wouldn't worry about it. As Olivia mentions, if you changed your diet to have a healthier pregnancy, that could attribute to your lack of weight gain. Because of gestational diabetes, I went from eating 2 large meals a day to eating 5-7 smaller snacks/meals and reduced my carbs. I'll be 26 weeks tomorrow, and I still haven't gained any weight. Baby is growing just fine. Just continue to eat a healthy diet.


Lilu - June 30

MUZ... I'm in the same boat as you. Since your sick with m/s so you thinkt hats why you've lost weight in the beginning of your pregnancy? I did but the last time I went back I gained 3 lbs. If you're eating right and drinking plenty of fluids I wouldn't put too much worry into it. Then you know you're baby is getting whatever you put in your body. I've read salvia is an issue with many women so don't worry. BUT spitting up blood that worries me, did you tell the doc. I never heard of that? Did you maybe have something eat the night before? As for sleeping, I pa__s out around the same times as you and wake up at 2am or so and it felt like I was sleeping forever. Then I toss and turn all night as well... nothing helps. It just seem like I'm sleeping lighter later in the night. My dh turns the fan off on me and I die... he's like it freezing... I'm like get over it... im a sweatball. Our temps are elevated b/c we have twice the amount of blood pumping thru us!! This is all normal. Did the doc take into consideration your weight before your pregnant?? How tall are you? You're only 16 weeks, gaining 15 lbs by ur next appt sounds way too much. You just have to be sure you're nurishing yourself and your baby. As long as you know your eating right and drinking plenty of fluids its okay??/ seriously... they have to take into consideration the m/s. My doc did and save losing weight in the beginning in normal. As long as you don't keep losing and your eating okay, everything will equal itself out. Good luck.


mindymay - June 30

i cant help with the other problems. but i too am a large woman. i am 25 weeks along and started pre preg at 280. dont worry about the weight gain. we are heavy enough that even if you lost weight all through the pregnancy it wont hurt the baby as long as you eat healthy. by the time i was your preg age i lost 23 lbs. but now i am gaining weight. i eat very little carbs so i know the weight it all baby. good luck . if you want to chat my e mail is [email protected]


AshleyB - June 30

hi, my pre-pregnancy weight was 236 Now I'm 219. I had morning sickness really bad. I had to get fluids and stuff at the hospital it was so bad. I'm 16wks along today. I don't think the weight is that big of an issue. Because we are bigger, and have the extra, the baby will get what it needs no matter what, so it doesn't matter. I've been told that I don't have to gain any weight at all if I don't want to. My mom was told the same with me, back in the day. Especially when a woman starts out quite a bit overweight, there really isn't any need to gain weight.. Just make sure you eat as healthy as you can, but don't diet. But if you just Happen to lose weight, don't worry about it. Your body will do what it needs to. Good luck.



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