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LoveBeingaMommy - July 15

Hey everyone. I just made my 27th week and I went for my doctors visit today. I was told I am gaining to much weight. my pre pregnancy weight was 124 lbs. I didn't gain anything my first 3 months due to sickness and then all of a sudden I started gaining. I am gaining an average of 11 pounds a month. He didn't sound to worried when he told me my weight for this month (which is 155 lbs.) so I asked him am I gaining way to much and he said yes. He said I am gaining double the amount that I am supposed to and that a pound a week from here on out would even be to much. He told me to start cutting down on what I eat and to start walking but I thought that if you didn't do this before pregnancy you shouldn't start till after. Also I was wondering if anyone has been pregnant before and gained alot of weight and was able to lose it easily afterwards. Thanks everyone who reads this.


J - July 15

This is my first pregnancy too, but a lot of women I've talked to say they gained a lot of weight during pregnancy. I have a couple friends that both gained 65- 80 pounds and we able to lose it afterwards. A lot of people tell me that you will lose between 15-25 pounds giving birth alone, with water, the placenta, and of course the baby! Also, I think you lose quite a bit within the first month getting rid of the excess blood and fluid retention. Hope this helps. I for one feel that you are going to gain whatever your body is supposed to gain, no matter what. You are not supposed to gorge yourself all the time, but you aren't supposed to diet either. I was gaining pretty good for the first 5 months, then I tapered off. At my 24 week appt. I had gained 18 pounds, but I only gained 1 pound from 20 weeks to 24 weeks. Maybe you'll come to a stand still too. My mom told me that she actually lost weight during the last 2 months of all of her pregnancies... Good luck!


Heidi - July 15

I'm 26 wks and gained 25 lbs. My doc said it was just fine and that I wasn't looking really big and my face wasn't showing it either. Whatever that means! I went from 118 to 143 and I have a long way to go still. I think a lot of it is water retention cus my ankles seem swollen a lot. Who knows. I don't overeat either and seem to get plenty of regular exercise so I don't know why I'm gaining so much so fast.


Kayla - July 15

I'm 19 weeks and have gained 14 lbs. I have a sister though that gained 47/54 lbs in her 2 pregnancies. Ended up losing everything plus some, she's like 125 now, she looks really good. So don't worry you just have to be determined later!



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