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ChaycesMom - May 18

I know this is a common topic, as we begin to get bigger. I was overweight when I started this pregnancy, around 190lbs at 5'6. Granted I can say that I really didnt look as heavy as I really was. I am just wondering if any of you ladies, preferably overweight ones, are still not gaining weight? I am currently 26w 3d, and am down a total of 13 1/2lbs. My Dr. hasnt said anything to me about it, but it still makes me nervous. I am eating, but after a couple bites of food I am full. Just want to know if anyone else has this happening to them. Thanx in advance.


JESS1980 - May 18

Hi Chaycesmom! I am still not gaining much weight either. I was not overweight before the pregnancy, and the doctor advised gaining 25-30 pounds. So far I have gained a whopping 8 pounds.....and I am 26 weeks! :-) My doctor was not alarmed by this. She told me to just keep eating healthy meals and the weight would come eventually. She also told me not to over-eat OR "eat for two." She said to eat when I was hungry & stop eating when I was full. So far my pregnancy has been completely healthy! I am sure yours is fine too. If there was a problem, your doctor would definitely have mentioned it at your last appt. That's what they get paid to do! Good Luck!


Jenn - May 18

Hi chaycesmom!! I started this pregnancy at 199 and I have gained 22 pounds. I didn't start really gaining till week 30ish. I gained real slow at first and now I am 37 weeks and due for my section on June first and I can tell you that I am soo proud of myself for only gaining 22 pounds. I really look forward to dieting!! I didn't have much of an appet_te till this last month-my only craving has been ice-so I think I got lucky with this one!!


Taffy - May 18

Hi, I'm not as far along as the rest of you, only 18.5wk. I started off at 210lbs which I put down to Christmas at my mothers! I'm 5'6 also. Since being pregnant I have so far gone down to 193lbs. I didn't suffer bad morning sickness. My Dr isn't worried as she thinks that my change of eating habits (for the best) is responsible. I'm now eating more fruit and I have an aversion to foods that are greasy or too sweet. I also find that I am struggling to eat full meals (even small ones) as I always feel full. I just have no appit_te any more. I was really worried about it so I asked my Dr if there was anything I could do to help. I now drink protein shakes in between meals as I manage liquids ok. I drink Ensures Healthy Mom drinks (usually mid morning and supper time) and so far I haven't gained any weight but I have stopped losing weight in the last month. If you're worried maybe you could ask your Dr about supplemental drinks. Incidentally, they are lactose free if you are worried about the milk content. Good luck and take care.


Helene - May 21

Hi! I am a "plus-size mom" - 5'1" and a size 18 at start of pregnancy. I am still wearing regular clothes although mostly with elastic waists because my stomach has grown. I am 13w2d and when I was at the doctor at 10 weeks I had only gained a little more than a pound. I have had LOTS of miserable m/s so although I have moments when I can chow down, I can only eat a little at a time as I get full fast, my overall appet_te is less, and between nasuea and food aversions, I feel very limimted in what I eat. I read online that if you are overweight before p/g to gain 15-20 lbs. My nurse said 20 lbs. I read before I got p/fg that many overweight women gain very little weight and that many lose weight (and the baby still grows and is fine) so don't worry. As long as your baby is growing (and your belly gets bigger!) and your doc says all is fine. don't stress about the weight gain/loss. I think it is funny that before I got p/g i was worried I would gain so much so fast because I gain so easily, and now my big concern is am i eating enough fo this baby becaues al this m/s makes it so hard to do.


mandee25 - May 21

I am 5 '7 and started out this pregnancy at 180 lbs. In the past few years I lost a total of 70 pounds through diet and exercise. I am currently 14w 2d pregnant and have gained 15 lbs which I am disappointed about but from now on I am going to try to be more careful. I was very nauseas in the first few months and I craved a lot of carby things like bread and cereals.


mom2b72 - May 22

I started my pg at about the same size as you...(depending on which scale I use!! 10lb diff, so of course I like the one that says less). I am 24w5d, and as of a few days ago I was still down 1 lb. I never lost more than 7-8 lbs, so I have stayed pretty steady. I look at what I eat/drink and figure the number of calories I was taking in before was probably way too much and now I am right about on. I also generally can't eat much at one sitting (end up eating 1/2 sandwich or so), so I have started trying to eat more often--every few hours even though I am not really hungry. I am sure everything is fine, I think this is more common that what you read on a lot of these boards!!


ChaycesMom - May 22

Just wanted to thank you all for your responses, It makes me feel better to know that I am not the only one :)


lexa - May 24

Hi Chaycesmom. If your Dr hasn't said anything, then you are doing great! I know with my first, I wasn't overweight nor was I gaining. They had to put me on Ensure (blah)! This time, I gained 10lbs before I got pg due to quitting smoking (among gaining weight anyway)! I am bigger this time around also (my first was 8 years ago), so I am somewhat overweight. However, I do have some health problems this time (which I'm sure I had the first time also, just not diagnosed) and my doctor told me to keep exercising, drink tons of water and don't gain too much weight! I am 21 weeks so far and go back tomorrow. So far I've only gained a total of 6 pounds, so I am curious as to what they will say. If the doctor is pleased and the baby is doing great, don't worry! Your body will adjust how it needs to to care for you and baby during this time! The couple of bites of food you do take, try to make them count (ex. protein, fruits, vegetables). You'll be fine:-)


NVgirl - May 25

Hi ladies -- I am 5'3" and was 160 when I got pregnant. Then really bad m/s set in and I lost 10 pounds from all the vomiting (TMI sorry). Now at 11w5d, I have actually gained the 10 pounds back + 1. I am up to 161. It actually scared me when I weighed myself yesterday. How is it that I have gained 11 pounds in 1 month's time? And yes, I read the 20 pound thing too... I have 6 months to go and that only leaves me 9 pounds. That doesn't sound like it will happen. PLUS -- my DH is 6'4" and 230... I am sure the baby isn't going to be small at all. Any suggestions? I am on Zofran for nausea... and most food just sounds yuck to me. Don't know what to do.


CaliTrish - May 25

According to my hospital, you should gain 25-35 lbs if you were average weight prior to your pregnancy. This works out to a pound a month for the first trimester, then a pound a week. If you were overweight (BMI>25), you should gain 15-25 lbs. Those of us with a pre-prego BMI>29 should aim for 15 lbs. I am 20w5d and haven't gained any weight yet. If anything, I am a couple pounds under my pre-prego weight from avoiding sweets, watching my carbs, and eating smaller more frequent meals/snacks. I saw the doc last week and the baby's growth is on track, so don't worry if the scale isn't saying you're gaining weight - your baby is. Be happy, it's less you have to lose after.


CaliTrish - May 25

NVgirl, I wouldn't count the 10 lbs you gained back against you - with all the M/S vomiting, you were probably dehydrated and mainly lost water weight. Also, the first trimester is when you start producing a lot more blood. So, you still have 19 lbs to gain. ;-)


venus_in_scorpio - May 25

your body will tell you what is right to do. the books dont know your body. I was small before i started my pg, I am 15 weeks and have gained 10 lbs. The books say its too much or whatever but I have slowed down on my eating in the 2nd trimester so far simply because my body is not as hungry. I think we get these cravings and aversions for reasons. if youre not hungry, your body does not want food. and if you are, dont be afraid to eat. ya know! Speaking for myself, i have been running on instinct since ive been pregnant and my body tells me what it wants. trust your gut! :o)


ChaycesMom - June 5

Just wanted to let everyone know that I finally gained something. I just turned 29 weeks, so no longer 2ndtri, but I had an appt last Fri and gained 4 lbs.



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