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Crystal Star - January 17

Hello, I am 15 weeks along and I have not gained any weight since I got pregnant. In the beginning I lost about 5 pounds, but now it is just staying steady at 136. Is it normal not to gain weight like this in the beginning? I had an ultrasound twice and the baby had a heartbeat, so I dont know what is going on.


krnj - January 17

Hi I'm only 12 weeks but I haven't gained anything yet either. I've had m/s so I haven't been eating much. I'm pretty sure it's normal not to gain in the beginning.


Crystal Star - January 17

I only havem/s every once in awhile. Thank you for the reply!


krnj - January 17

I'm sure the weight gain will catch up with me eventually! lol Good luck!!


nanders - January 17

Hi there!! This was such a huge concern for me in the beginning and even now! I lost about 15lbs my first tri, then gained someback only to lose it again. I am currently 26wks and have only gained 7lbs so far!! 4 just in the last month!! I was so worried the baby wasn't getting what it needed or that it going to smell or hear or develope wrong! My doc has told me many times, that the baby takes what it needs and to concentrate on what you eating not the number on the scale!!! Just be sure to be eating as healthy as you possible can and all will work out! We can only do our best. I found that fruit smoothies were a great way to get a few extra pounds on! Be sure you take your prenatals, at night if they make you sick, and try not to worry I'm sure your wee one is just fine! Mine is moving like crazy now, and is very strong! Good luck and congrats!!!!


lily10 - January 17

My best friend had only gained 4-5 pounds when she was 6 months along. She is due in Feb and she still has only gained 16 pounds total and her baby is measuring just fine. I on the onther hand have gained 9 pounds at 16 1/2 weeks. Eveyone is different and I really doubt anything is wrong. I think your doctor would have said something if they were concerned about this. I think it is very common not to gain weight in the begining.


Tracy88 - January 17

Don't worry about your weight. The baby is getting what it needs from you. Just make sure to take your vitamins. The doctor will tell you if he/she is concerned, but since so many women carry differently, some don't gain weight until their third trimester. I can think of 3 people in my personal life that are in their 5th and 6th month who are still unnoticably pregnant, while I am showing like crazy and have gained 30 pounds by 22 weeks! As long as your baby is growing and you are eating, you may not gain weight or show until your 6th month. Don't worry.


Crystal Star - January 17

I am developing a bump, but I was just comcerned about not gaining weight. It makes things a lot better to know that someone else has experienced it and has a perfect baby that is doing fine. Congrats, good luck and thank you!!!


Tracy88 - January 17

Just a side note......I started this pregnancy at 126 pounds and am up to about 156 now, so I wasn't big to begin with, nor did I have the tendency to just put weight on out of nowhere. It's crazy the way the weight has just piled on.


c_baer19 - January 17

You should probably have gained a little weight, but it is nothing to worry about - plus it depends on your BMI (body ma__s index) how much weight you should gain. I've only gained a couple of pounds and I'm 13 weeks, and the doctor said that I have nothing to worry about and that I am fine, but that I may need to start eating even a little bit more so I can put on a couple more pounds.


Crystal Star - January 17

Tracey I was 135 when I got pregnant. I have not been very big at all either. It feels like I eat all the time already. Thank you though.


pueppschen - January 17

i am 18 weeks i lost 5-6 pounds initially, never recovered. i look thin and now i have a belly too. staying steady at 122.5. oh! and i eat almost all day.


Tracy88 - January 17

Oh, you guys are so lucky. Everytime I weigh myself, I have put more weight on! I kept thinking it would level off at somepoint, but no such luck. It also did not help that I was on bed rest for the whole first trimester. Oh well, such is life!


Crystal Star - January 17

I was also supposed to be on bed rest, but I of course am stubborn and went to work anyways. I work in a desk job, so I really dont do anything. I hope it all levels out with you!


mami_p - January 18

This is my 3rd pregnancy - I'm 17wks, and haven't gained anything. I'm fairly thin...5'9" and 135lbs...Never gained anything with my last two until 6months - then about 3lbs a month...However, had babies 2wks early, 1st was 8lb11oz, 2nd was 8lb1oz. I don't think it matters. And who wants to leave the hospital with 30lbs to lose?


lily10 - January 18

I'm sure none of us want to leave the hospital with 30 pounds to lose.


kashni - January 18

At 23 weeks, I've gained about 16 pounds, I was underweight to begin with, so my doc was pretty happy with the gain so far...my belly, it is increasing every second !! All the weight is there...haven't gained much anywhere else ..



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