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clariebear - January 30

im currently in my 22 week n was wondering if my weight is okay, i was 145.2 (66ks) when i started and i am now 149.6 (68kgs) now so i have only gained 4.4 pounds and im 5'7 but my doctor hasnt said anything about it ? is it alright =


krissy1980 - January 30

I think ur fine.I have gained alot I guess in that case..lol..I have gained 11 lbs and I am only 25 wks.


Tammy276 - January 30

weight gain for everyone is different...some woman gain tons and others gain less. If your doctor thinks you should be gaining more, they will let you know. I am 32 weeks and have gained 26lbs so far.


emunah - January 30

they don't go by your weight, so long as the baby is growing, that is what is important.


aliciavr6 - January 30

Clarie - I only gained 5 lbs at my 19w appointment


excited2bemama - January 30

OMG!!!! What is wrong with me??? I have gained 22 lbs- and I am 22 weeks. Most of the weight has been in the second trimester. I am getting a complex... I am been very slim my whole life and now I have no control over this.... I eat healthy too -but I am constantly hungry. :o(... I can't wait to meet this little girl but seriously- she is ruining any self confidence that I have!!!!


amya - January 30

Ha Ha........you'll catch up, Im sure it is fine that you've only gained 4.4lbs. I am 32.5weeks and have gained 46lbs... yeah forty-six pounds..and I am only 5'3 and I weighed 135 when i started. My doctor has'nt even said anything about my weight gain. Must be norm, cause it's all in the belli....well that and water weight. Im sure you'll be fine and soon you'll be getting bigger....we all do ;)


mrs.vegas - January 30

i am 14 weeks. my last dr. appt. was 3 weeks ago and as of then i had gained 12 pounds! i go to the dr. today, so we shall see how much i've gained in 3 weeks! everyone is different, and if your dr. hasn't said anything to you about it, i wouldn't worry! but i can understand being worried.


pebblesnbambam - January 30

If your doctor is not concerned about it.. then try not to worry about it. If baby is growing that is all that matters. I was 132-134 before baby and now am 139-140.. I only gained 24 pounds with my son and was on bedrest with no activity for the last half of pregnancy.. so everyone is different. My girlfriend gained more in the first half of her pregnancy and not much in the last... and some gain more in last half. Just ask your doctor if he/she is concerned... and eat up the good stuff!!!


aaaaaaaaaa - January 30

I didnt gain a single pound until I was like 22w. Now I'm 26w and I've gained a total of 10lbs... like 9 of those within the past two weeks. I was concerned at first cos I didnt gain anything, now I'm terrified that I'll keep gaining at this rate and weigh like 60000lbs by the end of this thing, haha


Crystal Star - January 30

I would say that you are fine. I am 17 weeks and have only gained 2 lbs. I was concerned too, but my doc said that everything is going fine.


danimarie - January 30

Seriously...this is one of the hardest issues cause no one feels "normal" about how much they have gained.....some feel they haven't gained enough..other too much. I am one of the ones that has gained like crazy! I am 28 weeks and have gained about 26 lbs. I have been eating really healthy and exercising the whole pregnancy and I still keep putting on weight. I am 5'5 and was 135 before pregnancy. Now I am 161.....so weird to see that high of a number on the scale for me. But it is all in the belly. Seriously though, unless your doctor says something to you about it and is concerned then you don't need to be. Instead of thinking that you may not be gaining enough or something, just look at it as finding out how your body responds to pregnancy. If you feel you're eating and staying healthy then you are totally fine!


lailadab - January 30

I have gained sooo much ... 12 pounds and i'm only 15w 3d!!! i keep on making excuses that i have to take it easy and was on bedrest for the first 12 weeks but still... I try to eat healthy but some cravings r sooo bad and the no excercise is killing me ... oh well , it's all worth it in the end =)


soimpatient - January 30

Well, I am 15 weeks and I have also gained 12lbs! I am glad that I am not alone. I am also 5'5 and weight 135lbs prepregnancy. I am terrified of not being able to lose the weight after the baby...but you're right...it is definitely worth it in the end:)


Jmom - January 30

With my ds I gained 50 lbs over the entire pregnancy. This time I swore I wasn't going to gain that much, and felt like I was ding ok (until I read this) I am 23w ad gained 15lbs so far. but, I still had on 20lbs from ds (he's 10.5 months- figured why lose it all to gain it back- I was lazy!!)


soimpatient - January 31

JMom, I don't think that 15lbs at 23 weeks is bad at all! I actually think that it is pretty darn good. I would be VERY happy if I am only at 15lbs by 23weeks....but I know that isn't going to happen:)


pueppschen - January 31

i have gained 11lbs and i am only 20 weeks now. gl



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