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Kira_lynn - June 28

Okie dokie, so i read on American Pregnancy.Org that a normal weight gain by the beginning of 16weeks is around 5lbs. Im 15weeks and have only gained a pound, possibly 2. I'm kinda tiny, (135lbs, 5'6") Anyone not gained a significant amount of weight yet? I do have crohnic diarreah from crohns disease, but its been alot better and i feel like im eatting like a cow (everything healthy-almost). I see my ob on Monday so i'll ask, but i wanted some encouragement from other who are still waiting for the weight!


knightal418 - June 28

I am 19 weeks and have gained 5 lbs, but a friend of mine is 20 weks and has gained 20 lbs... I think that it depends from person to person. If your body needs to store more fat it will or if it doesn't it will not... as long as you are eating healthy, you should be fine!


HannahBaby - June 28

Trust me, its totally normal. at 23 weeks i gained 24lbs with my first daughter and now im 25 weeks with my second and i have only gained 7lbs (at 15 weeks i was up only 1 lbs from my prepregnancy weight) Gaining alot of weight isnt healthy espically if its unnecessary (like mine was with my first baby, i hate a pint of ben and jerrys EVERY NIGHT) just keep eating healthy and you will be fine, no matter how little weight you gain


deltabwa - June 29

Hi, I've gained 2 lbs and I'm 16 w. all of that I've gained in the last 2 weeks... My doc said any weight gained in the first tri is weight that you won't take off right away. I'm considered slightly overweight, I have 15 lbs left from my last one 2 yrs ago so that put me in the overweight catagory. I gained 40 with her so I have the extra I guess.


lin7604 - July 2

i didn't put on a pound until i was 16 weeks and then i put on 3 pounds. Now i am 23w 3d and i have put on a total 14 lbs. I have been a little concerned as most of the weight i have pu on has been in the past 3 weeks and that seems to be a lot in such a short peroid of time?


Celia - July 3

I'm 23 weeks and have gained 2 pounds. With my first 7 years ago, I put on a whopping 90 pounds and was terrified that it would happen again this time. Even though I'm a little nervous about such a small weight gain, my Dr says everything is looking great and to quit worrying. You should be fine, just keep eating healthy!


Kristin72 - July 3

I am 20 weeks..one week ago I was told I had only gained 1 pound..my ultrasound indicated everything was progressing nicely. I anticipate the weight to pour on now.


baby#5 - July 4

I am 12 weeks and have lost 2lbs. It's not due to morning sickness, because I have only been sick once. This is my 5th baby, and with my other pregnancies I did not gain a lot of weight in the beginning. . . but you will definitely feel the weight later on. I know that it varies for everyone. I gained 40 lbs. with my first pregnancy (I started out very tiny, 102lbs.) , but my other pregnacies have been 20-25 lbs.



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