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Rachel29 - December 5

My friend, who is 15 weeks pregnant has gained 12 pounds already, whereas I'm 14 weeks and have maybe gained about 3. This drastic difference has me a little worried, so I thought I would ask you girls how much you've gained. I didn't have any morning sickness, and I do feel like I'm getting bigger in the waist, but it doesn't seem to translate on the scale. I'm hoping I'm just a kind of "late bloomer." Another thing I guess that could explain it would be that I have continued to exercise, although much more moderately than prepregnancy (like 30 minutes three times a week). I do hope I start to gain more soon! I'm a little concerned. Thanks for your input!


Rachel29 - December 5

I just thought I'd add that I've have heard that after the first trimester you're supposed to gain a pound a week, right? So I guess I'm on target...I think it just makes me really nervous that my friend already looks really pregnant whereas I don't really except that some of my tighter cloths don't fit so well anymore.


mtneyes - December 5

I will be 16 weeks tomorrow and I have gained around 13 lbs. I think it just depends on your body and since everyone is different, you're weight gain will be different as well. There are other factors that might play a part too such as whether or not this is your first pregnancy or not. I have read that you show a lot sooner after your first pregnancy. If your doctor isn't worried then I wouldn't be either. You might be one of those lucky women who only gain a little, which means less to lose afterwards. I gained 40 lbs with my first pregnancy and it took awhile to lose.


Amyell428 - December 5

I am 21 weeks pregnant and I have not gained a pound. I have actually lost 2 pounds. I went to the doctor yesterday and he is happy about that. I was up 4 pounds but lost 6 somehow, probably shopping like crazy and chasing my kindergarteners around. I am a teacher. So now I am down 2 pounds from my prepregnancy weight. I am not a little girl so I am happy to not gain much. I think if you are little you might gain more. Do not worry, you are fine. Your friend will want tobe you after the baby is born. She will be the one struggling to lose weight.


JoJo123 - December 5

rachel- don't worry about it! I gained only 3 lb's till i was 20 weeks, then from 21-24 weeks i gained 10 lbs. I wanted to cry, just wait you'll pop soon enough :)


sammommy - December 5

I'm 16 weeks with twins and have gained 12 pounds. I'm happy because last time I gained 48 pounds with my son!!! I ate everything that crossed my path, and it took me 2 years to lose it!! I'm trying to be more controlled this time :) You're fine!!!! You'll start gaining soon!!


sha__leigh - December 5

I am almost 18 weeks and I had only gained 1lb, now I have lost that. I too was a little worried at first. But as long as you're eating a healthy amount, then I wouldnt worry about it too much.


EricaG - December 5

The general rule of thumb is that for a person of a healthy weight (neither overwieght nor underweight) should gain approximately 3-5 lbs in the first trimester and that at 15 weeks most women have gained 5-10 lbs. It sounds like you are just on the right track (if you are a healthy weight) and unless your friend is underweight, she is a little above average in the weight gain department. I started this pregnancy at 5'4" 125 lbs and at 15 weeks I have gained almost 5 lbs. They used to say that a woman of a healthy weight should gain between 25-35 lbs. but now they are saying that there is no advantage to a woman of a healthy weight, gaining any more than 25 lbs. A woman who is underweight should gain about 35-40 lbs, and a woman who is overweight should gain about 15 lbs overall.


NewMommyinMay - December 5

Hi Rachel. I'm a little over 17 weeks and have not gained a pound. I was a concerned too, but my OB is not alarmed and thinks I am progressing along just fine. My theory is that since I am eating so much healthier than before I was prego that perhaps I would be losing weight except for the little baby growing inside of me. I think that as long as you eat healthy, and eat when you're hungry- you'll be just fine. I am also staying active (doing about the same amount of exercise as you) so I think we will be in better shape to lose the lbs we do gain after the pregnancy. Don't worry and good luck with everything!


cynthia502 - December 5

I am 21 weeks with twins and of last appointment (19 weeks) I had gained 16 lbs. It was a little disappointing to me because with my last 2 pregnancies I gained 21 and 19 lbs respectively (but with my first I gained 40!). I know I need to gain more carrying 2 babies around so I am okay with it. I was of average height and weight to begin with as well. 5' 2" 115-120lbs. Just remember you do need extra calories so even if you are not always hungry remember to eat something nourishing.....or if you are like me, McD's french fries are always yummy!!! Enjoy! :-)


Rachel29 - December 6

Thanks guys for all your rea__surance. I feel much better now! Actually, I talked to my mother and grandmother, and with me it might be heredity. Apparently they both hardly gained anything until the 7th month of their first pregnancies! I do wish I would gain a little more weight, but as long as everything else seems ok, I'll try not to worry!


aurora23 - December 6

wow, well I feel like a lard! I am almost 22 weeks and I came back from the doc today and he said that I have gained about 18 lbs! Prepregnancy I was average about 5'2" and 125, I was in shock after I left his office this morning. Haha, oh well, it's all worth it, my little boy is very healthy and right on track.


mgn - December 7

hi mommies to be! as for me, i am 20 weeks and gained 10 pds thus far. actually, in the 2-3 weeks is when i really started to gain. i mean like every time i get on the scale it goes up! its kinda depressing b/c i worry i am gaining too fast. ecspecially when i hear some women are 22 weeks or 24 and only gained 10. the way i am going i will gain 10 more pds in the next 4 weeks~ oh well, its for the baby. i still workout 3-4 times a week and eat good but have to admit i allow myself a little more candy and stuff since finding out were pregnant. i cannot help it! food is the only outlet i have right now. no wine, so i eat! :) everyone is different as far as weight so its hard to compare i suppose. have a great weekend.



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