Weight Gain 26 Weeks

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Nita_ - March 17

I went in for my monthly checkup and was shocked to see I gained 8 lbs(!!!!) from my previous checkup 4 weeks ago. Has anyone else seen this spike? I'm 25weeks 4 days now.


Tjane - March 17

Dont feel bad, I have gained 10 lbs every 4 weeks for the ;ast 12 weeks. (Does that make sense?) So every time I have gone to the doctor I leave feeling like a big cow. I am eating more now that I am pregnant because before I was pregnant I would skip meals so I am guessing thats why but I dont like it and I have gained 45 lbs already and I am only 23 weeks this coming Monday.....


Inny - March 17

Hey Nita! That happened to me last month - I gained 8 lbs in 4 weeks as well. My doctor wasn't concerned at all and said I am right where I am supposed to be. I am 22 weeks. A friend of mine who is pregnant said she had a couple of months like that during the second trimester and now things have slowed down for her (only 2lbs at last months appointment). I know what you mean though - it is kind of scary!!! I am only 5'1 (weighed 114lbs pre pregnancy) - I am about 130 now already. I look like a little b___ter ball and I have 4 months to go!! Yikes!


Brittany - March 17

Hey, I'm 25 weeks tomorrow and have gained 11 pounds so far. It's ok to gain 8 pounds in four weeks, your pregnant! My last appt. I gained 6 pounds in four weeks. As long as your doctor is alright with it and your not over weight, everything is ok. Good luck with everything!


HopeG - March 19

I agree with Brittany, as long as your dr. is okay with it your fine.. I am 28wks and I have gained about 15 lbs so far. With my first child I had gained 32 lbs at 28 wks!


Corrine321 - March 19

Hey i am 26 weeks and 5 days and i gained 7 lbs from my last appt... my next one is the 30th of this month! I started out at 109 lbs.. so if u were small when u started out then you need to gain more... thats what the doctor told me... he said my weight is undersontrol.. so dint worry!


Nora1 - March 20

I am 25 weeks and 4 days and have gained about 21 lbs so far. I am going to the dr. today, so I'll see if he thinks my weight gain is normal. I gained alot quickly there for a while but have slowed down a bit now, so I think everything is ok. Plus, it is all in my belly...I'm not gaining all over.


maren - March 20

hey we all have our months mine was from 16 weeks to 21 weeks i gain like 8 pounds then. But dont think of it as I have gained that much weight think of it as wow the baby has had a growth spurt this month. just like after the baby is born different babies grow at different times.


Talli - March 22

I gained a total of 19 lbs by 25 weeks, 12 of which I gained in the last 5 weeks! I was shocked, because I did not feel like I gained that much. My doc looked at me reproachingly and noted that I gained 12 lbs since the last appointment. Have to say that I have been eating irresponsibly lately, so that probably is what caused this enormously quick gain. I even got a bit of stretch marks on my b___sts. I have switched to healthier, more resprictive diet, less fat, more fresh veggies and fruit, and no late night pigging out.... Will see what happens by my next appointment.


Revel - March 25

well im 23 weeks pregnant and i lost like 50+lbs thru this whole pregnancy till last week i gained 6lbs! dr said its fine so i wouldnt stress at all


HannahBaby - March 25

in the month of october and november (i was 6 and 7 months) I gained 10 pounds each month. My doctor says "what the hell are you doing to gain 20 lbs in 2 months" and i said "eating EVERY bag is discounted halloween candy that i can get my hands on" needless to say after that i had to do a food diary for every check up...!!


18tobe - March 26

feb 23rd i went in and weighed 149.6 march 23rd i went in adn weighed 154.4 :/ its weird seeing my body gain all this weight. at least its only on the belly.


Elena - March 27

I'm 14 weeks and have gained a total of 14 lbs is that alot?


ashley - March 29

I have gained 6 lbs each month!!! so i am at 18 lb weight gain as of my 4th check up.. I am 23 weeks pregnant.


Emily - March 29

I am 27 weeks and I have gained a total of 15lbs. Kinda scary since I didn't gain any my first. I lost 60lbs wehn I gave birth. This time I am gaining. My doc isn't worreid as it has been steady and isn't too much. Just hope it all comes back off so easily as last time....


Victoria_1985 - March 29

Hey ladies, I'm 26 weeks and was 115lbs pre-pregnancy, I'm now at 150lbs.....talk about a weight gain....I feel like a cow!!! Everyone says that it isn't noticable except in my belly and b___st.....but I notice it. I try not to let it bother me cuz I'm pregnant and I eat healthy so my bodies doing what it has to for the baby....but I can't help thinking I'm a cow...I'm waiting for the day when words escape me and I start mooing!!! It's just been one of those days!!! I have a piczo site toria1985.piczo.com



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