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tracielee - October 5

i'm 26 weeks and have gained 15 pounds. i started at a healthy weight, neither over nor underweight. but my problem is that i feel huge! i have gained in my upper arms and face... and that's the worst part. how much have you ladies gained so far? anyone have any words of comfort for me? i told my husband that i hated a picture that he took of me because i feel like a cow, and he said, but honey weight gain is a normal part of pregnancy. that was not the answer i was looking for! i think maybe it's just hormones and i'm overreacting, but i still have 14 weeks to go. i don't overeat... and i walk a few miles a day (usually)... i don't know what to do to slow down the weight gain but still gain at a healthy rate for the health of the baby. i know in the end the weight gain is normal and it's not good to diet during pregnancy, i would never do that.. i just want to gain at a slower rate! help!


jennifer_33106 - October 5

Wow you made me feel bad. hahaha jk. I am only 20 weeks today and have gained 15 lbs already. hahaha I see it in my face and my upper arms too!!! Thats why I had to comment. I hate having fat fatty fat arms and chipmunk cheeks. haha. I know what you mean about feeling like a cow because everytime I see a pic of me pregnant I wanna burn it. hahah. Oh well. I take comfort in the fact that BFing will *fingers crossed* will make me lose weight!!! I hope....


evae777 - October 5

i am almost 26 weeks and have gained 12 lbs. at first it was in my arms etc. but then later on it balanced out. im sure it will fluctuate, don't feel bad it happens to most of us!


Happymommy - October 5

Hi--I'm the worst of all of you. I am 17 wks 4 days and I have gained nearly 20 lbs!! I was the same with both of my pregnancies, and I lost all of the baby weight (50 lbs) plus an extra 10 lbs after about six months. Right before I became pregnant with this baby I was back down to a size 8 sometimes 6. I b___stfed for a year and I think that helped a lot. So while I hate putting on all of this weight, it seems like baby weight does come off fairly easily. Hopefully that makes you feel better!


lisa mc - October 6

hi i am 16 weeks and havent gained any weight!! i find it really strange as i have a ma__sive baby bump (this is my second) and never suffered from morning sickness. i put on about 2 stone with my first and lost it all within 3 weeks which i put down to breatfeeding on demand!!


Angiconda - October 6

I am 18 weeks and I have gained 9lbs, I am trying really hard this time not to gain a lot. With ds I gained almost 50lbs but I had preeclampsia and was EXTREAMLY swollen it was not a fun time.


kristyn1028 - October 7

I am 27 weeks this week and I've been lucky enough to not gain a single pound. I lost about 8 lbs during the first trimester, but I've gained about that much back...but nothing above it yet. Which is fine, baby is measuring great, but Im guessing maybe she will be small or something because Im just not getting very big yet!!


Astra - October 8

I am 16 weeks 5 days today and I lost about 7 lbs in my first trimester (nausea and m/s). Now I've been gaining it back slowly but I still haven't gained it all back yet. I keep waiting to put on a lot, mainly because of chocolate cravings and meals where I eat a lot more than I usually have... I guess so far the baby is taking it all.


corbin289 - October 8

I'm 17w 6days and I have gained 4lbs. This is #3 but with my first (ds) I gained about 30lbs all together but you could see it in my face and arms also. In every picture I looked 50lbs bigger then I was. The only good news is it went away really fast after he was born! The pounds and the swelling. If your eating right and exercising thats all you can really do. We're all different and if we're doing everything we should be then I guess our bodies are gaining what they need to.


cynnababy - October 8

I am about 16 weeks and 4 days today, and i have gained about 7lbs so far. I am very nervous that i will end up gaining a lot of weight. I tried to eat healthy and drink as much water as i can to curb my hunger.


sarah21 - October 8

It's good to drink a lot of water, but be careful trying to curb your hunger with it. That's a good opportunity to get in some more vitamins and nutrition with a small salad or some carrot sticks or something like that. If you're hungry, chances are it's a good idea to eat something. I know my appet_te has changed a lot since being pregnant. I was so sick my stomach shrunk, and now I eat when I'm hungry, I'm full quickly, and I get hungry, genuinely hungry, three hours later, eat another small something or other, and it's been great. At my last appointment 3 weeks ago I had gained 2.5 lbs, but I had lost 3 during the first trimester, so I was at -.5 from where I started. I just concentrate on eating healthy, eating when you're hungry, quitting when you're full, and worry about losing any excess later, unless your Dr. tells you otherwise. And remember that you need to consume about 500 calories more during pregnancy.


cayingo - October 8

I started a little bit under weight (I'm taller than average and carry weight differnetly), but at 17w had gained 11 lbs. I encourage you all to just focus on eating when you want to but keep it healthy foods. Let your OB monitor your weight, not you. i don't even own a scale at home.


sahm2alaj - October 9

I am going on 26 weeks and have gained about 18 lbs so far. I am tiny normally so i hate seeing myself in pictures also! I look like i am storing food in my cheeks or something!!! Everyone keeps saying how little my belly looks but for someone who is usually a size 1... well 18 lbs is like carrying a TON! I have cut starch from my diet as well as carbs. I also steer clear from anything fried... not that i like fried food anyway, but french fries are a no-no. Another thing is absolutely no soda, just water. And I walk everyday after lunch and dinner.


Happymommy - October 9

Cayingo gave some very good advise--to let your dr worry about your weight and not you. I have kind of been obsessing and I still do--especially after seeing how much more I have gained than all of you! But my dr is not worried, I eat healthy and exercise. And that is about all you can do!


Stephanie_31 - October 9

Don't worry about it if you are eating healthy. Most women think you need to eat more but it is a myth. You only need about 300 extra calories per day (if you were a healthy weight to begin with). If you were over weight you don't need to take in any extra calories. It is probably water that you are retaining. I gained 55 lbs with my DD (all in my face and arms) and left the hospital (3 days later) 40 lb lighter. The rest dropped off in 2-3 months. When I went to the doctor for my 6 week checkup he hardly recognized me cause I had lost so much weight.


Iamamiracleangel - October 9

I'm 22 weeks and I gained about 12 lbs, then for some reason in a week I lost 6 lbs, who knows. I started out being a bigger girl though. My mom was tiny before she had me and gained literally 90 lbs when she was pregnant with me and lost it all after having me.. It'll allll be ok:) Running after your little one will make you lose it quickly! PS-I've heard the avg weight that women gain while pregnant is close to 50lbs, so it'll be all good!


BeccaBaby1 - October 10

Hey tracielee, I don't keep a scale at my house so I'm not sure what my total gain is right now. But, last time I saw my doctor I had gained 7 lbs in just 5 weeks. I about fell over. My doc said the baby needed to grow and it was great! I just read this morning that by 23 weeks your weight gain should be at 15 lbs so you're doing super! I understand the image issues though... picture this... a pregger lady in a leotard and tights - yep that's me (dance instructor)! I like how my belly looks in cute clothes but a leo? Yikes, there's no where to hide! Hang in there, you're doing great (and I am sure looking fabulous).



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